Yenra : Hardware : New Internet Computers - NICS from Oracle : Larry Ellison's New Internet Computer Company, Sun Microsystems and Oracle Deliver Ultra-Affordable Internet Access Solution to Schools in Chile

Today at the National Educational Computing Conference in San Antonio, Larry Ellison's New Internet Computer Company (NIC) unveiled a new technology solution for schools throughout South America.

This solution - inaugurated in Santiago, Chile - combines market-leading Sun server appliances from Sun Microsystems, Inc. with the NIC Company's New Internet Computer (NIC) and Oracle's Help Us Help Foundation.

The announcement is potentially the first in a series of cooperative technological initiatives planned by the three companies in their mission to provide flexible, powerful, affordable computing solutions to school systems throughout the world.

"What we learn in our Chile initiative will be applied to our programs within school systems throughout South America and beyond," says Christopher Ashby, the NIC Company's newly appointed President of International. "The NIC Company builds the most affordable Internet computer on the market. Now, with the Sun/Oracle alliance, we'll be able to carry our technology to many more of the people who need it most: the world's schoolchildren."

Former U.S. ambassador to Uruguay, Christopher Ashby, joined the NIC Company in May to spearhead its campaign in developing markets. Ashby says with global demand for inexpensive computing solutions exploding, the international marketplace now provides the NIC Company with its most fertile opportunities.

The Chilean initiative involves the installation of 500 NIC Internet computers in school systems throughout Santiago. Connected to Sun servers, the NIC's are configured to provide full-featured Internet and server access at a fraction of the cost of PC-based systems.

"Our company has emerged as one of the few survivors in the Internet Appliance segment because of its ability to change with the marketplace," says Peter Clark, CEO of the NIC Company. "Education has always been a segment that has understood the compelling value offered by the NIC and we expect that to continue, particularly abroad."

NECC, the National Educational Computing Conference, is convening from June 17th to June 19th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. NECC, the largest educational tech exhibit in the world, attracts thousands of educational professionals from across the U.S. to conferences and exhibits highlighting trends and innovations in education technology. At the convention, NIC company international president Ashby will be speaking about the NIC's role in education, domestically and internationally to reporters and attendees.

Launched in 2000, The New Internet Computer Company is the nation's fastest-growing Internet appliance company. Since its introduction to consumers in July 2000, the NIC device has garnered an extensive list of favorable reviews and articles in media such as NBC's Today Show, the New York Times, PC Magazine, PC World, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Seattle Post, the Detroit Free Press, Red Herring Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Access Magazine, USA Today, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, the Associated Press, the Dallas Morning News, AARP's Modern Maturity Magazine, Linux Journal, Maximum Linux Magazine, Embedded Linux Magazine, the St. Petersburg Times and the Miami Herald.

NBC's TODAY SHOW calls the NIC "the cheapest way to get on the net." The NEW YORK TIMES calls it "more robust than a simplified Internet appliance." ACCESS MAGAZINE says "when it comes to price, the New Internet Computer, or NIC, is a standout." In the February 2001 issue of LINUX JOURNAL, the reviewer calls NIC "the first, best and least expensive of the new breed of affordable Internet and network appliance computers. Viewed in the context of its design, this device is a bargain." And in May 2001, PC MAGAZINE gave NIC "four out of five stars" for function and design.

Founded in January 2000, the New Internet Computer Company and its NIC Internet appliance bring fast, affordable and functional Internet access to consumers, schools and businesses without the cost or complexity of a PC. The NIC offers plug-and-play email and Internet access.