Yenra : Food : Shugr : Natural sugar substitute is a zero-calorie sweetener blend of erythritol and tagatose with a pre-biotic fiber that assists in digestion


Shugr is a remarkable new sugar substitute that tastes and cooks like sugar, is tooth friendly and also contains pre-biotic fiber, which assists in healthful digestion. Shugr will now be available at major health food and natural products stores starting in March 2005.

Shugr is made from a proprietary blend of erythritol, which occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, and tagatose, which provides added sweetness and pre-biotic fiber to aid digestion. This unique formulation results in a sweet taste that is remarkably like cane sugar with none of the aftertaste typically associated with other no calorie sweeteners.

"High fructose corn syrup, sugar and artificial sweeteners are major health concerns today," said Loren Miles of Swiss Research. "Health officials and scientists are becoming increasingly alarmed about the possible link between these products and obesity, arguably the major health risk of our time. Shugr is the first natural, zero-calorie sweetener to provide consumers with a healthful alternative to what is presently on the market."