Yenra : Marketing : Atkins Advantage Brand : Marketing communications firm helps reposition Atkins Advantage with new compelling ad campaign


ANI has appointed DZP Marketing Communications to lead the strategic development and repositioning of Atkins Advantage. DZP has designed a new national print campaign designed to articulate the Atkins Advantage: a unique nutrition advantage versus the competition: high fiber, high protein, vitamins, minerals, low sugar, and no trans fats.

ANI and DZP will evolve the Atkins Advantage brand to a health and wellness platform by focusing on great-tasting portable foods with a unique nutrition advantage versus the competition. The campaign theme of What's Your Advantage? supports a new, improved line of Atkins Advantage nutrition bars and shakes designed to appeal to the broad audience of healthy, active adult men and women.

Beth Neumann of ANI explained: "We've developed sophisticated insights into the needs of the Atkins Advantage consumer, which has led to the development of higher- quality, better-tasting products with a proven nutrition advantage versus the competition. We assigned the account to DZP Marketing Communications because we believe they understand how to create consumer preference through lifestyle marketing and have the strategic and creative skill set to reach the broad audience of healthy, active adults with compelling, actionable messaging."

In acknowledging the agency's assignment, DZP's John Barker said: "ANI has extraordinary brand recognition, industry-leading new products with strong benefits, and a clear vision of the market. Essentially, everything is aligned for very effective marketing."

Mr. Barker continued: "The assignment of the Atkins Advantage business gave DZP the opportunity to launch a powerful new process for mapping the emotional decision matrix for target consumers. It was developed in conjunction with behavioral psychologists, and the end-result is a campaign which appears very simple, but is actually dialing in on a very deep emotional level."

ANI has streamlined its operations, including paring down its product offering from 340 to 60 nutrition bars and shakes, while making significant improvements to the taste, appearance and overall quality of its Atkins Advantage products.

"Our new management has streamlined operations and built a foundation for strong financial performance, enabling us to invest in the new DZP campaign which educates consumers about the nutrition advantage of our great-tasting Atkins Advantage bars and shakes," said Neumann.

ANI in a commitment to innovation is introducing New Atkins Advantage Caramel Cookie Dough and Caramel Fudge Brownie bars. The products represent ANI's commitment to providing improved quality, superior nutrition and great taste.

Saaid DZP's John Barker: "The strategy was to respect the consumer. Atkins Advantage is a brand that makes being healthy easy. By acknowledging our role as an enabling agent, we can foster a closer relationship with consumers in a category where loyalty and preference is an opportunity."

"Today's consumers are better educated about nutrition than ever before; we feel Atkins Advantage provides exactly what they are looking for: better taste and better nutrition versus the competition," said Neumann. "DZP's insights and creative solutions have resulted in a comprehensive, integrated campaign that clearly positions Atkins Advantage nutrition bars and shakes."

ANI is a portable nutrition foods company offering high protein and fiber bars and shakes under the Atkins Advantage brand.