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Mountain Biking : The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Ride - Mountain Biking is wild, thrilling, brutal, beautiful, and over the edge--the ride of your life--The Ultimate Ride. It has the fringe feel of extreme sports, but just about anyone can do it, just about anywhere. (You don't even need a mountain-honest.). Strickland writes from his own experience-and he takes you along. He's become the mountain biker he would've wanted to ride with as a novice. Could've saved him a lot of troubles, he says. And skin. It's skill-intensive: You'll need plenty of techniques and tricks-stuff that's simple to understand and enact, but not so easy to discover on your own. Bill Strickland can show you what you don't even know you're missing. This book is packed with all the nuts and bolts of equipment and techniques, with real-life examples. It's like the best mountain bike ride: loose, expert, and a little in love with the unexpected.

Dirt! : The Philosophy, Technique, and Practice of Mountain Biking - This well-illustrated book is full of wonderful advice for everyone from the rank beginner (practice your technical skills before a ride, when you're fresh, not afterwards, when you're tired) to the experienced competitor (spray Pam all over your bike before a muddy ride and you'll avoid pounds of clinging mud weighing you down). There is also a good deal of attention paid to the mental aspects of riding, which thankfully avoids the "be one with your derailleurs" school of spiritual hokum and presents instead Howard's hard-won wisdom concerning mindset and attitude. There are chapters covering such topics as maintenance, stretching, weight training and jumping technique, but one of the most fascinating is "Surviving the Crash." Howard is the man who first uttered one of cycling's most basic axioms, that there are two kinds of cyclists: those who have crashed, and those who will. This chapter is one that should be read by anyone who ever mounts any kind of bike, and alone is worth the price of the book.

Mountain Bike Like a Champion - Through mountain bike champion Ned Overend's recollections, experience the races that earned him glory and learn the strategies he used in mountain biking situations. Racers and recreational bikers alike will improve their understanding of the sport, learn to ride with greater speed and fewer crashes, develop a training program, and gain inspiration. Thirty-three chapters cover mountain biking techniques in greater detail than any other book on the market. Excellent instruction and engaging anecdotes make for a racing good read.

Mountain Bike : A Manual of Beginning to Advanced Technique - Nealy's expertise (acquired through years of crash-and-burn) enables him to translate hard-learned reflexes and instinctive responses into easy-to-understand drawings: drawings that will make you into a much better rider.

Mountain Bike Magazine's Complete Guide to Mountain Biking Skills : Expert Tips on Conquering Curves, Corners, Dips, Descents, Hills, Water Hazards - Including everything a beginner needs to know in the first 100 days, and fully illustrated with step-by-step photos and illustrations, this book tells readers how to find skills and drills for balancing, climbing, steering on rough terrain, downhill runs, conquering curves and corners, and offers tips on racing.