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GPS enables reliable monitoring, analysis, mapping, and understanding of natural resources and wildlife

Trimble and the ESRI Conservation Program have entered an alliance that will put global positioning systems (GPS) into the hands of people working to conserve the Earth's natural resources. New devices that combine geographic information system (GIS) and GPS technology on a handheld tool aid conservationists in the monitoring, analysis, mapping, and understanding of natural resources and wildlife.

The ESRI Conservation Program is the nonprofit arm of ESRI, providing grants to thousands of public interest organizations. Since 1989, the program has granted more than 3,000 GIS software systems to conservation organizations worldwide. With Trimble's contribution of the new standard GPS platform for mobile GIS, the GeoExplorer CE series, conservation organizations can greatly benefit from GIS and GPS integration.

"The most pressing needs for biodiversity conservation include getting good science and good tools into the field," says Charles Convis, coordinator of the ESRI Conservation Program. "GeoXT from Trimble allows researchers and activists to run ArcPad GIS software directly in their GPS unit, enabling field-based analysis."

Trimble's GeoXT handheld, part of the GeoExplorer CE series, is a unique combination of GPS and the Windows CE operating system and is built to withstand rugged environments. Weighing just 1.59 pounds, the GeoXT is compact, water-resistant, shock-resistant, and most reliable. It also contains an internal battery that lasts all day. Because it runs the Windows CE operating system, it is ideal for use with ESRI's ArcPad software.

The GeoExplorer CE series gives environmental scientists and field-workers accurate and reliable GPS data. Users can apply the Trimble GPScorrect software extension with ArcPad to differentially correct in real-time or postprocess data for extra precision. The rugged Trimble GeoXT will be donated with ESRI's ArcPad field software, so transitioning from the office to the field and back is seamless for users.

"By combining Trimble GPS technology and ESRI's GIS software, conservationists the world over will be able to create valuable maps for analysis and reporting," says Richard Williams, marketing director for the Trimble Mapping and GIS business area.