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Mold Wash

From Alternaria and Cladosporium (Hormodendrum) to Aspergillus, the names of molds commonly found indoors are not household words, but the musty odors, property damage, and respiratory concerns associated with these indoor invaders are far too familiar.

After flooding, one of the biggest dangers is the onset of mold growth and mold contamination. To compound the matter, most people do not realize that EPA Guidelines clearly state that "mold clean up is considered a housekeeping task that is the responsibility of the homeowner or landlord."

For residents of California who have been impacted by the excess rainfall this year, there is one bright spot to help with the clean-up efforts underway. The makers of a mold-fighting cleaning agent called Mold Wash will give it to qualified families in water damaged areas.

Mold Wash is a safe, non-bleach alternative cleaner, independently tested by an EPA approved third-party lab to knock down most molds by 99.9% in less than five minutes. Test results also confirmed the formula's effectiveness against a toxic mold known as Stachybotrys chartarum (atra). The product is made for interior and exterior use.

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