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Mobile Chest Drain

Atrium Medical Corporation's newest chest drain, the Express Mini 500, is small, compact, lightweight, and has all the features of a standard-sized chest drain. In this time of over-crowded and under-staffed hospitals, there is a need for a smaller, lightweight, fully functional chest drain.

A recent study at the University of North Texas has shown that using the Express Mini 500 allowed for patients to be removed from suction earlier (3.4 days on standard system versus 1.2 days for Mini 500 users), were able to ambulate sooner (4.4 days on standard system versus 1.2 for Mini 500 users), and were discharged sooner (5.6 days on standard system versus 3.2 days for Mini 500 users). Benefits of early ambulation are reported to be enhanced circulation, increased pulmonary function, improved patient mood, and reduced length of hospital stay, which can equate to dollars saved by the hospital.

Atrium manufactures medical device technologies used in open heart surgery, emergency chest trauma, thoracic drainage and surgical repair of diseased blood vessels. Atrium is known for its high technology presence in coronary stents, minimally invasive intervention of peripheral blood vessels, state-of-the-art hernia repair, drug delivery research to remote and difficult tissue targets, and innovative solutions targeted in hemodialysis access and facial plastic surgery.