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ArrowSpan has announced carrier class WiFi mesh network solutions. ArrowSpan's MeshAP 2100 Series Outdoor WiFi Mesh Network Access Point and MeshAP 1100 Series Indoor WiFi Mesh Network Access Point provide speed, reliability, security, and manageability demanded by service providers and carriers. Our unique dual radios are designed to operate with two 2.4GHz 802.11g radios simultaneously with one radio focusing on the backhaul traffics while the other radio is free to use with clients to maximize throughput and reliability.

The system uses a Predictable Optimum Path (POP) patent pending algorithm. A POP routing algorithm allows MeshAP nodes on the mesh network to dynamically select the optimum data path among the nodes. As new MeshAP nodes are added, each MeshAP node dynamically adjusts the routing path to maximize the efficiency. Each MeshAP node automatically configures itself to enable service providers and carriers to scale existing networks quickly. The nodes are auto-healing.

If interruption occurs with one node, the MeshAPs automatically heal the wireless mesh network by routing the data traffics to other available MeshAP nodes in the area.

The Layer-2 fast packet switching technology helps data packets travel under fast bridging mode. Each MeshAP node simply pass though all data traffics to the clients and the next MeshAP nodes.

The MeshAP 2100/1100 Series are equipped with real-time hardware-based WPA and WEP/AES encryption between nodes. The hardware-based encryption maximizes the protection of the mesh network without degraded data traffics performance.

The series simplifies the network management through web-based management interface.

ArrowSpan develops and manufactures next-generation WiFi wireless mesh network solutions.