Yenra : Wireless : Marine WiFi : Wireless Internet ferry project uses complex switching algorithms to allow passengers to stay connected as boat moves between docks


Mobilisa successfully demonstrated the new Washington State Ferries' Wireless Connection Project. Mobilisa's system is currently in-use on the Port Townsend-Keystone ferry route onboard the M/V Klickitat.

Mobilisa was chosen by the Washington State Ferries and the Federal Department of Transportation to install wireless internet onboard three major ferry routes -- Seattle-Bainbridge Island, Edmonds-Kingston and Seattle-Bremerton. Recently, the system went live on the Port Townsend- Keystone route to test its capabilities.

Challenges to the project include maintaining wireless connections for several miles over water with a moving vessel while using equipment that would work for any ship or route in the ferry fleet and, at the same time, making it easy for passengers to use without additional software.

Mobilisa is testing two forms of ship-to-shore wireless communications to determine the best format for the wireless internet service. Regardless of the mode chosen, both will allow users to surf the internet, check their email or check the current ferry schedule, all at speeds many times faster than a dial up connection.