Yenra : Food : Mango : Marketing and packaging project in the Phillipines


In the Phillipines, the Department of Science and Technology's Packaging Research and Development Center is working on the structure and graphic design of mango product packages.

The project aims to enhance global competitiveness of fresh mango and mango products through the development of sustainable and world-class packaging technology and participation to international trade fairs. Aside from making mango products attractive to consumers, the packaging design also prolongs the products' shelf life.

Through the project, various mango products went through packaging innovations like dried mango in stand-up pouch, mango tart in pouch, and mango twirl and roll in pillow pack.

Application of high barrier films and suitable packaging system extended shelf lives of the products. New look and competitive packaging design integrated with mandatory labeling requirements have been developed for spicy burong mangga, mango rachada, mango chutney, mango puree, concentrate, juice, and mango tart.

Launching and promotion of the products in new packaging is made through participation in local and international trade fairs or exhibitions. A number of mango products were launched during the Asian Ethnic Food Festival in Manila.

Mango rachada, dried mango, and mango tart were introduced in China during the Philippine Solo Exhibition. Mango tart and spicy burong mangga were also introduced during the Seoul International Food Exhibition in South Korea to tap the Korean market.

The Philippines is famous for its delicious Carabao mango fruits, better known as Philippine super mango in export markets.