Yenra : Travel : Power Assisted Luggage : Lightweight cases with electronics, software, and rechargeable lithium-ion powered motors built into the wheels


Dragging suitcases when travelling is a struggle. Live Luggage has spent the last three years designing and engineering the latest state-of-the-art luggage system. Their industrial and electronic designer-inventors were tasked with producing luggage that was easy to haul.

They came up with power assistancethrough pan wheel motors that are light, strong, and reliable.

Having power assisted luggage does feel unusual. All our lives we have adjusted our bodies to compensate for whatever we are dragging pushing or pulling. To have this product and the contents by your side which can be controlled by one finger, is an odd feeling and takes a few minutes to adjust to, but once you have had five minutes practice you will never go back.

The Live Luggage Power Assisted Series uses the latest developments in PAN motor technology. All the electronics, software and motors are built into the wheels, using rechargeable lithium-ion power cell technology.

Also unique to both models is an ergonomic handle which when pulled out gives the handler total control switching the majority of the weight of the case to the wheels. This simple design is revolutionary in that even without power it makes traveling so much easier.

Conventional luggage with standard castors or spinners will simply not go over rough terrain or pebbles and the Live Luggage wheel design on both models overcomes this problem with ease.

Live Luggage cases are spacious for both versions which means that the case will work under the new airline regulations and for travelers not using airlines, the case is designed to move significantly more weight with ease.

The new cases from Live Luggage were available in November 2005.