mLogic’s mTape and mRack Thunderbolt LTO-8 Tape Drive

LTO-8 Tape Drive
LTO-8 Tape Drive

Tape is still the premiere way to back up large amounts of data and tape backup technology has only improved.

On October 16, 2017, mLogic announced that its popular mTape and mRack are now available with LTO-8 drives. Both units feature Thunderbolt connectivity, a native storage capacity of 12TB per tape and a data transfer rate of up to 300 MB/second. mTape and mRack support industry standard LTFS technology and are compatible with archiving and media asset management software from Archiware, Axle, Imagine Products, Square Box, StorageDNA, YoYotta and others.

mTape LTO-8 Highlights:

  • The first desktop LTO-8 tape archiving solution with Thunderbolt connectivity
  • Portable form factor with rugged, light-weight aluminum construction
  • DC powered for operation in any environment

mRack LTO-8 Highlights:

  • The first 1U rack mountable LTO-8 tape archiving solution with Thunderbolt connectivity
  • Available with single or dual LTO-8 tape drives
  • Ideal for mounting in standard 19″ racks or Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) carts
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