Yenra : Linux : LSB : Linux Standard Base : Standards for Linux distribution vendors and developers of Linux-based applications


The Free Standards Group and the Linux Standard Base today announced the availability of LSB 2.0 for public review for the next 30 days. LSB, the Linux Standard Base, provides a comprehensive set of standards that enable Linux distribution vendors and developers of Linux-based applications to work together seamlessly.

The second version of LSB features the revision of the core specification to support modules that are built on the foundation of the core LSB. This will accommodate future growth, as Linux standards for different vertical markets, for example, are developed as extensions to the core LSB.

LSB : Linux Standard Base also introduces an ABI for C++ -- a long-awaited feature. Further, LSB 2.0 incorporates updates to many of the specifications and implementations underlying the LSB, such as the Single Unix Specification.

Linux Standard Base introduces support for new architectures, including PPC64 and AMD64. Other CPU architectures supported by LSB 2.0 include IA32 and IA64 architectures, as well as PPC32, S390 and S390X.

In addition to providing a written specification, LSB 2.0 includes a wide range of indispensable tools for Linux, such as test suites, a development environment, a sample implementation and developer documentation. By allowing developers to focus on enhancing features and functionality -- instead of struggling with inconsistencies among Linux distributions -- the LSB promotes unity within the Linux development community; promotes the advancement of Linux applications; and helps to decrease development costs.