Yenra : RFID : Location Devices : Ubisense Smart Space ultra wideband system locates people and objects in 3 dimensions to within 6 inches in real-time


Ubisense Smart Space creates an ultra wideband based network inside a building capable of locating a person or object in three dimensions to within six inches in real-time. The devices comprising the platform today received certification from the Federal Communications Commission to operate in the United States.

While traditional radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is becoming the standard for managing product manufacturing and the distribution supply chain of low cost items, Ubisense Smart Space takes location-based technologies to a new level, enabling automation of a space -- and everything in it.

"Ubisense brings to life the spaces where we work," said C. Warren Ferguson of Ubisense. "It means businesses can improve the utilization and productivity of their space. Making informed decisions and working faster, easier and safer can result in significant cost savings and increases in production."

Ubisense Smart Space is composed of a real-time software platform, a network of Ubisensors, badges that are worn by people or Ubitags, pager-sized devices, which are attached to an object or asset.

Unlike location systems based on conventional radio frequency technology, which work poorly indoors because the signals reflected off walls, desks, people and equipment (multi-path) are hard to distinguish from direct path signals, UWB short duration pulses are easier to process in order to determine which is the correct signal thereby increasing accuracy and reliability.

The Smart Space technology places no limits on the size of the area covered, or the number of people and objects located, scaling easily and incrementally from a small implementation running on a laptop to a campus-wide solution running on a cluster of Windows or Linux computers.

Ubisense increases the value, usability, and security of space.