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Parco Wireless has received notification of an equipment authorization awarded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the company's RFID UWB Precision Asset Location system. The Parco system utilizes ultra-wideband pulses to provide sub-foot precision for the two-dimensional and three-dimensional location of RFID tagged objects. Scott Cohen, (CEO) views the FCC's approval of the company's transmitting and tracking devices as a major cost savings victory for the organizations that stand ready to benefit from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification.) "The FCC's approval of our RFID tags opens the doors for hospital savings, potentially reducing the cost of doing business by hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for every facility that takes advantage of these systems."

The savings for each institution is measured by the reduction of capital assets purchased annually and increased efficiencies of workflow of operating rooms. Hospitals can realize major increases in efficiency by enjoying a precise accounting of moveable hospital assets and patients. "We know of some hospitals that are losing upwards of $75,000 each month directly attributable to lost equipment." Mr. Cohen adds "For these facilities our systems will provide a return on investment within a matter of months."

The UWB RFID tag is roughly the same size of a wristwatch and can transmit continuously for up to 5 years on a single button cell battery. The RFID is designed to be attached or embedded into moveable hospital patient equipment. Once hospital equipment is outfitted with this device hospital staff can readily account for its use status along with its current location to within a foot of accuracy thus saving staff valuable time in managing the utilization of their equipment. Equipment theft by employees or service providers, or loss from patient transfers leaving the facility can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

"This FCC approval now opens up a whole new chest of management tools and processes that hospital CEOs, finance administrators, and nursing administrators can use to plug holes in the continuum of patient care," says Bertrand Dugal, President of Parco Wireless. "But the biggest winner with this award certification will most likely be the patient. They will be afforded a safer healing environment from better-maintained and cleaner equipment. As well, they will benefit from caregivers with more time to dedicate to their hospital recovery."