Yenra : Hardware : LCD Touch Screen : Intuitive operator productivity improved with the elmination of distortion, flicker, glare, and associated eyestrain

LCD Touch Screen

Foxboro Automation Systems has further enhanced the advanced HMI (human machine interface) capabilities of the company's flagship I/A Series automation system with new flat-screen LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor options. This includes a new touch screen option for Foxboro's high-performance 20-inch LCD monitor that combines the benefits of LCD technology with the superior intuitiveness of touch screen operator interaction.

"The latest LCD display technology offers many clear and compelling advantages over conventional CRT display technology for process control applications," said Steve Young, vice president of Foxboro Automation Systems at Invensys. "LCD displays have been shown to improve visual work performance, eliminate distortion and flicker, and reduce glare and associated eyestrain to help increase operator productivity and well-being. Compared to conventional CRT technology, LCD displays also take up a much smaller footprint in control rooms and use as much as 60% less power. What's more, unlike CRTs, LCD monitors do not emit electromagnetic interference, a feature that is particularly important in many industrial applications.

"For these reasons and more, Foxboro is moving toward an all-LCD monitor offering for the I/A Series system. This includes, what to the best of our knowledge, is the process control industry's only touch screen option for LCD monitors."

In addition to being utilized in all new I/A Series systems moving forward, cost-effective upgrade options are available to allow most current I/A Series system users to upgrade their outdated or aging CRT monitors to the latest LCD monitor technology.

"Foxboro is committed to leveraging appropriate COTS (commercial off the shelf technology) - such as LCD monitors -- to the greatest possible extent to reduce costs for our customers and help improve the performance of their plants," said Young. "Our recently introduced, self-healing Mesh control network for the I/A Series system is another example. This incorporates commercial switches and fiber optic components in robust and secure industrial configurations to dramatically boost both performance and availability."