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Lan Chile

Lan Chile, together with Lan Peru, Lan Ecuador and Lan Dominicana will participate in the LAN service alliance focused on providing passengers and cargo customers with world-class service and excellence in air transportation. The LAN alliance participating companies will offer the best travel alternative in Latin America to and from the region, offering a safe and efficient world class product on all routes independently served by each participating airline.

"Through the most complete network of services, destinations and products, Lan Chile and each of the respective participating airlines of the alliance will transport passengers from different parts of the world to Latin America, and in turn, connect them efficiently with countries within the region," said Enrique Cueto, Lan Chile Chief Executive Officer. "Each of the participating airlines will project the cultural and tourism riches of Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Chile, and the other countries of the region to the rest of the world and will spread the quality of Latin American products. In turn, this will strengthen each one of the participating airlines in the alliance by allowing each to offer the best to its passengers and cargo customers throughout the region and in each of the countries they service."

The airlines that make up the alliance all have the same philosophy and goals of maintaining levels of excellence in service and the highest international standards of safety and security. This alliance is a product of the priority that all the participating airlines have committed to their passengers and cargo customers. As of today, the participating airlines will offer a consistent level of service, which sets them apart from other airlines on the ground, onboard, and at all stages of the flight experience.

"Each participating airline will travel the world's skies, not only stressing safety and punctuality, but also ensuring that the passengers enjoy a travel experience that is unique - where every detail has been specially developed to provide excellence," continues Cueto. "LAN alliance customers can expect the same level of safety, attention and efficiency on each one of the participating airlines they fly."

Currently, Lan Chile, Lan Peru, Lan Ecuador and Lan Dominicana transport 5.5 million passengers a year and 424,000 tons of cargo in 55 aircraft, employing 11,500 people in the different countries where they operate. The alliance will add value to the product that each participating airline provides passengers and cargo customers in the region, and contribute to their independent growth and expansion while providing employment opportunities and supporting the development of tourism in each of the respective countries serviced by the participating airlines. The alliance will promote Latin America with the individual identity of each participating airline and their respective home countries to the rest of the world. The participating airlines will transport internationally renowned products, such as flowers from Ecuador, asparagus from Peru and salmon from Chile, amongst many others. Each participating airline will independently contribute and enrich the alliance by making available to their respective passengers and customers their unique knowledge, experience, culture, professionalism and technology.

Through the alliance, which maintains the individual essence of each participating airline, each participant seeks to reflect one united spirit of service excellence, high safety standards and efficiency, which transcend boundaries, bringing together the richness and diverse characteristics of the Latin American nations and projecting them to the rest of the world. The differentiating service brings together the efficiency and professionalism of world-class airlines and the warmth and friendliness of Latin America's people. Reliability and charm are the pillars on which the alliance's philosophy is based and their respective worldwide customers can expect the highest safety and security standards, consistent with one level of service on all flights.