Yenra : GPS : Kenwood Car Navigation System : FlyOver Visual Map Technology Sky Cruise View the First 3D Aerial Imagery Map to Enrich Kenwood's New Car Navigation System

Visual Map

FlyOver Technologies announced today that the company's Visual Map technology was implemented in Kenwood's latest release of a Hard Disk Drive-based Car Navigation System in Japan, enriching users with Aerial map Sky Cruise View.

It is the first car navigation system where aerial imagery is implemented as a realistic 3D navigation map with all map attributes. Using the database of aerial imagery, Sky Cruise View can indicate the current car position and trace the car movement in real-time via an on board GPS. In addition the Sky Cruise View provides route guidance and Point of Interest placement. Sky Cruise View can be displayed on split screens, can change map scales and angle of view continuously, and can scroll or turn around freely. The same familiar digital maps user interface, feel and use are implemented in the new system, which supports thirteen major Japanese cities.

Isaac Levanon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FlyOver, stated, 'Kenwood's latest car navigation system is a vote of confidence in the commercializing value of FlyOver technology to enhance drivers' navigation experience. We overcame major technical barriers to provide smooth continues movements over the 3D image. It enables FlyOver to offer car navigation providers the benefit to integrate FlyOver technology without redesigning their hardware, hence reducing both cost and time to market.'

Operating in Japan, Singapore and Israel, FlyOver offers the world's most sophisticated and optimized image streaming with 3D maneuverability for digital navigation systems. The company's strategic partners include car navigation makers, mapping data and point of interest providers, aerial and satellite imagery sensing entities.

FlyOver provides Visual Map patented (pending) technology to replace static mapping with real high definition imagery (satellite/aerial) for all devices, including PCs, PDAs, In-Car Navigation Systems and mobile handsets, providing an interactive ability for people to view visual maps with motion (like a bird flying) and change the face of mapping. All is accessible over narrowband communication with extremely thin client viewer, as a software only solution with no hardware support, including DirectX, DirectDraw or OpenGL support.