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On October 1, 2003, Antenna Software announced key enhancements to its A3 for ClarifyCRM mobile enterprise solution, which now supports the latest J2ME technology and the recently announced version of Amdocs ClarifyCRM 12. Antenna's full-featured A3 application enables users to gain real-time access to Amdocs ClarifyCRM 12 and manage critical customer-facing business processes via any Java-enabled wireless device, including cell phones, PDAs, as well as RIM BlackBerry handheld devices (7200, 6700, 6500, 6200 and 5800 series).

Organizations using Amdocs ClarifyCRM 12 can now extend the advanced functionality of their service and support solutions wirelessly to mobile customer service representatives for an immediate view of every customer interaction and faster problem resolution. Completely integrated with the user desktop view of Amdocs ClarifyCRM 12, and requiring no changes to business processes, the Antenna A3 wireless application enables a highly efficient service delivery cycle. The result is optimized call center resources, reduced costs, increased productivity, and greater customer satisfaction.

Antenna A3 for ClarifyCRM provides the ability to easily and securely access critical service, inventory and logistics information, manage activities, order parts, and update cases and sub-cases directly from a wireless device or Web browser. The Antenna A3 wireless application seamlessly integrates into Amdocs ClarifyCRM, using native Clarify Business Objects. It enables organizations to leverage existing business processes and data structures and requires no additional coding. In addition, by supporting J2ME's secure and robust application environment, Antenna A3 for ClarifyCRM offers organizations a choice of today's leading devices and a future-proof mobile enterprise strategy.