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Secure retail merchant point of sale Internet terminal for instant transmission of card payment transactions

IP Gateway Converter

Hypercom Corporation today introduced the Hypercom IN-tact 1101; a compact, high speed, low cost Internet Protocol (IP) gateway device that converts existing Hypercom terminals into faster, IP-enabled card payment terminals. The Hypercom IN-tact 1101 is specifically designed for millions of small and multi-lane retailers who want to gain the faster transaction speeds and lower communications costs inherent in Internet connectivity.

"Effective immediately, any merchant who wants the speed and cost savings of IP connectivity can now gain those competitive advantages, faster and more affordably than ever before with IN-tact. This is an extraordinary step forward for the card payment industry and the millions of merchants who want to quickly and cost-effectively add the power and transaction speed of Internet connectivity to their existing Hypercom card payment terminals, and it is the first in a series of IN-tact devices that we are bringing to market," said Chris Alexander, Chairman and CEO, Hypercom Corporation.

Measuring a compact 6" (wide) x 1.5" (height) x 8" (deep), each ultra slim IN-tact 1101 allows the retailer with as few as one or as many as 16 Hypercom terminals to quickly and easily connect to the Internet. The innovative IN-tact 1101 uses 3DES and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session security to encrypt and transmit transactions virtually instantaneously, accelerating check out lines and boosting the retailer's profit lines.

Hypercom's innovative IN-tact 1101 also gives Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) or financial institutions the ability to deliver an array of time saving and/or revenue-generating, profit-building services to the merchant countertop. The IN-tact continually monitors and alerts an ISO to any interruption in services. Secure remote management options allow a help desk to proactively troubleshoot issues right down to the terminal level, perhaps even before the merchant has realized that a problem exists. This provides unprecedented levels of service and availability to the merchants.

"We are excited to be bringing this innovative, profit building technology to the retail countertop. The IN-tact 1101 intelligently integrates with the merchant's existing terminal base to deliver high speed, high security transactions over the Internet, while preserving the merchant's investment in equipment and training. With the IN-tact 1101, we are bringing to market a fast, efficient, affordable, dependable and intelligent solution that adds a new and very logical dimension to card payments for retailers, ISOs and financial institutions worldwide," said Simon Taylor, executive vice president, Hypercom Corporation.

"An increasing number of merchants are looking for the speed and benefits of IP-based transaction processing, but the costs of implementing a new system are prohibitive to implement," said Trevor Healy, vice president, VeriSign Payment Services. "Hypercom's IN-tact provides a concrete means by which merchants can achieve those benefits, helping them improve their overall operational performance."