Yenra : Science : Ion Trap : Fast, sensitive, high-capacity system provides intelligent data-dependent scans for proteomic and metabolomic spectometry

Ion Trap

The HCT Ultra High-Capacity Trap mass spectrometer system from Bruker Daltonics features increased acquisition speed, sensitivity, and software for intelligent data-dependent scans.

The system provides outstanding ion trap performance in terms of sensitivity, speed, and mass accuracy resulting in superb proteomics and metabolomics data quality, as well as further enhanced information gain per unit time for LC-MS/MS applications in pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research. Its high ion capacity and dynamic range make it suitable for quantitative proteomics, as well as for quantitative small molecule applications.

Its full-scan MS sensitivity benefits data-dependent experiments, enabling intelligent real-time decisions even on low abundance precursor ions prior to ultra sensitive fragment analysis. With the HCT Ultra, the quality and information content of MS/MS is improved by smart precursor ion selection strategies. For example, for the analysis of post-translational modifications, the new Phospho Scan can detect phosphopeptides on-the-fly in a single Auto-LC-MS/MS/MS run, whereas the unique Peptide Scan in the same experiment allows the selection of multiply charged pre-cursor ions for information rich MS/MS without time-consuming charge state determination pre-cursor scans.

The bioinformatics suite Protein Scape can now handle even millions of high-quality MS/MS spectra created by the HCT Ultra in large-scale proteome studies. The HCT Ultra integrates into the Proteineer solution for LC and 2D gel-MS/MS based proteomics projects, as well as into the Metabolic Profiler solution for metabolic studies.

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