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Sourcefire today announced that Pentair, a diversified manufacturer whose brands include Delta woodworking machinery; Porter-Cable power tools; Myers, Fairbanks Morse, and Aurora pumps; and Hoffman and Schroff enclosures, has deployed the company's Intrusion Management System (IMS). Pentair's implementation consists of more than 60 Sourcefire Network Sensors (NS) and a Sourcefire Management Console (MC), to increase protection of its corporate assets.

"Using Sourcefire Intrusion Management System has been a true eye-opener for Pentair; it has enabled us to address a number of potential security risks before they became problems," said Paul Samadani, Director, Corporate Technology Services at Pentair. "By using a single Sourcefire Management Console to manage all of our Sourcefire Network Sensors, we can easily address any security issues worldwide from headquarters. With all of our systems located around the world, Sourcefire's RNA technology promises to provide us with a picture of our network that we have never seen. This should improve our security exponentially."

As part of Pentair's corporate security policy, which also includes the strategic deployment and use of firewall and VPN technology, the company has deployed more than 60 Sourcefire Network Sensors in all of its locations around the world and its four global data centers. By using an industry leading IDS, Pentair is able to identify potential threats and tune its security policies and solutions to address those risks.

"Sourcefire Intrusion Management System (IMS) has been specifically designed to simplify the administration of Intrusion Detection throughout an enterprise and enable users to proactively protect their network assets," said Martin Roesch, Founder and CTO of Sourcefire. "Pentair's use of a single Sourcefire Management Console to support its worldwide deployment of Sourcefire Network Sensors is a perfect illustration of the manageability benefits Sourcefire builds on top of Snort, the industry's leading IDS."

Pentair has deployed Sourcefire MC to centrally manage all of its Network Sensor appliances and proactively ensure that all of its facilities worldwide are protected from malicious attacks. Using Sourcefire Management Console, Pentair has the flexibility to customize Sourcefire Network Sensor rules and then quickly push the new rules out to individual or groups of the sensors. With Sourcefire MC, Pentair network administrators around the world are able to centrally view alerts and analyze network traffic, while control of the system is reserved for only certain users in each region. This ensures 24X7 monitoring, while preventing unauthorized changes to the system.

Sourcefire's tightly integrated Intrusion Management System (IMS) is the security industry's only unified solution that combines state-of-the-art monitoring, perimeter defense, system management and real-time network awareness. Each turnkey appliance includes an integrated ultra-high performance database for advanced event correlation and effective system management. This system provides users an ideal combination of superior protection from malicious attacks and extremely high value with low total cost of ownership. All products within Sourcefire's Intrusion Management System are delivered as complete appliances, requiring minimal administration and no additional third-party hardware or software.

With the recently announced Real-Time Network Awareness (RNA) technology, Sourcefire's Intrusion Management System provides users with the industry's best defense against network attacks. Sourcefire RNA constantly monitors network assets for potential vulnerabilities while alerting administrators in real-time to anomalous network behavior. RNA also provides accurate, persistent context allowing for groundbreaking advances in the accuracy, effectiveness and usability of intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Pentair is a diversified manufacturer comprising three operating segments: Tools, Water Technologies, and Enclosures.