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LTX Corporation joined the HyperTransport Technology Consortium, a non-profit organization of approximately 50 global companies dedicated to promoting HyperTransport technology as an open, freely available industry specification for high bandwidth chip-to-chip communications.

HyperTransport Technology is a universal chip-to-chip interconnect that replaces and improves upon existing multilevel buses used in systems such as personal computers, servers and embedded systems while maintaining software compatibility with PCI I/O technologies.

LTX has been working closely with HyperTransport device providers to address their devices' high-speed test challenges. LTX's latest test system configuration - Fusion HFi - is uniquely suited for HyperTransport devices, with such features as its patented native differential pin, integrated per-pin source synchronous modes and six independent time domains.

"LTX is looking forward to making lasting contributions to the HyperTransport Consortium team," said Neil Kelly, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Corporate Marketing for LTX Corporation. "Our test expertise will help the Consortium find innovative ways to resolve any test issues associated with this high-speed interface. We're confident that Fusion HFi will help tackle head-on the critical characterization and production test challenges of these advanced devices."

Under LTX's contributor membership agreement, LTX gains royalty-free use of HyperTransport technology and early access to technical advances, as well as insight into the direction of a major industry technology.

LTX supplies test solutions for the global semiconductor industry. Fusion, LTX's patented, scalable, single-platform test system, uses innovative technology to provide high performance, cost-effective testing of system-on-a-chip, mixed signal, RF, digital and analog integrated circuits.