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HP today announced a broad array of new products and solutions as part of its commitment to make mobility an integral part of mainstream life. The new products range from wireless consumer devices to enterprise-class mobile office solutions to powerful technologies embedded deep in the mobile network.

Using its mobility expertise in everything from access devices to network infrastructure, HP is helping consumers who want to go wireless with ease; enterprises that want to mobilize for enhanced productivity; and service and equipment providers that want to deliver revenue-generating mobile services to both businesses and consumers.

"Mobility continues to become easier, more affordable and more rewarding," said Carly Fiorina, HP chairman and chief executive officer. "HP, with its consumer, enterprise and network expertise, is in a unique position to accelerate the task of taking the next wave of mobility mainstream. By driving innovations in all aspects of mobility, and by working with our many partners in the industry, HP plans to play a lead role in making the mobile experience a rich and seamless part of everyday life."

With industry-leading capabilities in both information technology and telecommunications, HP is a pivotal player in all the market segments that relate to mobility. The company's 25-year heritage in telecommunications is complemented by HP's leading position in enterprise solutions, professional services and devices. This expertise enables HP to guide the development of the next wave of products and services that will appeal to not only early adopters of mobility, but mainstream customers.

"Mobility is really about seamless access to corporate and personal information," said Rob Rich, executive vice president, The Yankee Group. "Users want rich content and applications with appropriate levels of service and security over a broad variety of access media. HP's extensive portfolio of products, services and partnerships position it uniquely across all aspects of the mobility marketplace, including service providers, enterprises, business users and consumers."

HP unveils comprehensive array of mobility products, solutions and services

As part of the company's overall mobility initiative, HP is making specific news announcements in the areas of consumer devices, personalized services and content, and network infrastructure. HP's global services capability enables the company to integrate these elements into complete solutions anywhere in the world.

HP introduced a new suite of mobility devices including notebook, tablet and pocket PCs that allow users to stay "connected and protected" no matter where they are. These products are wirelessly enabled for a variety of standards, including 802.11 a/b/g tri-mode and Bluetooth wireless technology. Since wireless communication must also be secure, these products are equipped with high levels of enterprise-grade security.

HP also announced a broad set of imaging and printing products designed to build out the mobile and wireless printing infrastructure, so consumers and businesses can easily capture, print and share images with wireless devices from many locations.

Products and related announcements include:

HP is enabling the delivery of next-generation mobile services by providing powerful network-based technologies. Recent successes which are being announced:

HP is announcing new technologies and solutions designed to help mobile service and equipment providers exploit the business value of open standards and the HP Adaptive Enterprise vision, as the best path to lower costs, lower risks, and greater speed and flexibility in a fast-moving market. The HP Adaptive Enterprise strategy emphasizes modular, standards-based technologies that provide the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing market needs. Announcements include: