Yenra : VoIP : Qwest VoIP : Nationwide voice over IP solution provides both local and long-distance voice service as well as high-speed Internet access

How VoIP Works

Qwest's launch today of a national VoIP solution called Qwest OneFlex is another step in Qwest's strategic deployment of nationwide VoIP capabilities for both business and residential customers.

Qwest OneFlex leverages Qwest's national IP network to give customers a single-source solution comprising local and long-distance voice service as well as high-speed Internet access. With OneFlex, businesses simply use a Qwest iQ Networking connection for all their communications -- the only additional equipment required at the customers' premises are VoIP phones, ensuring that customers don't have the hassles of managing and purchasing complex premises-based VoIP equipment.

OneFlex allows customers to tailor their services to meet their business needs. By using a Web interface, customers can simply 'point-and-click' for features such as conference callings, adding new users, setting-up voicemail and hundreds of others. Because Qwest OneFlex is a network-based solution, customers can concentrate on managing their own businesses without having to worry about managing their complex telecom equipment or dealing with multiple providers. Also, OneFlex easily integrates with customers' data communications, providing them with increased efficiency, simplicity and cost-savings.

For more than two years Qwest has been strategically implementing VoIP technology in its nationwide and local networks to lay the foundations for high-quality, cost-effective VoIP solutions for residential and business customers. Today's announcement underscores Qwest's commitment to VoIP now and in the future.