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Water Ace introduced five new home pumps that will help protect property and reduce damage caused by water.

Gasoline Powered Portable Water Pump - This self-priming water pump moves 1,300 GPH. The pump is quiet, lightweight and has a built-in carrying handle for convenience. The two-cycle engine starts easily and will run for two hours when the tank is full. It also includes a 1 inch suction hose, garden hose adapter for discharge, suction strainer, tool kit and a one quart two cycle mixing container.

Drainer Disk Pump - This lightweight, reliable pump gives the user the ability to drain a spa, portable pool, or water that collects on top of pool or boat covers. It easily connects to a standard garden hose and has a 30 ft. cord with G.F.I switch for protection. The drainer disk is the pump to have when water needs to be moved fast.

Electronic Utility Sump Pump - An internal mechanism allows this pump to automatically check for water every few minutes. It is designed to remove water from areas such as basements and yards, and it will not run unless there is water detected beneath the pump. This may very well be the smartest pump in the industry today.

Condensate Removal Pump - For indoor use, this is the ideal solution to the automatic removal of excess liquid from air conditioning and heating systems, refrigeration equipment and more. The condensate unit provides lifts to 20 ft., a built-in safety switch and the unit is only 4 1/2 inches tall.

1/4 HP Heavy Duty Sump Pump - This is the ideal compact sump pump for residential sump drainage. It is an excellent alternative to larger, more expensive pumps. This pump provides flows to 25 GPM and maximum lift capabilities of 20 feet. The cast iron housing and energy saving, low amp motor provide durable construction to deliver many years of reliable service.