Yenra : Travel : NYLO Hotels : New class of accomodations feature bright, spacious lofts, innovative design, a state-of-the-art business center, and affordable rates


NYLO Hotels has introduced a new class of lodgings featuring loft accommodations, innovative design, and affordable rates.

"Our brand is unique, offering the style and amenities of the world's leading upscale hotels at mid-scale rates of $115 - $135 per night," said NYLO's John Russell. "We've redefined the mid-scale segment of the market with a new generation of hotels featuring loft accommodations that are well-priced, boldly designed, dynamic and fun."

NYLO Hotels feature a breakthrough urban-loft design, with a red-brick-and-glass construction creating the appearance of a multi-building streetscape. The sleek design continues inside the hotel in 11-foot-ceiling loft accommodations with oversized windows, exposed-brick-and-polished-concrete walls and custom-made furnishings.

The heart of each NYLO Hotel will be The Loft. With soaring ceilings and open floor plan, this ultra-social common area will beckon travelers from their rooms day and night. Here, guests can work, eat, talk, sip coffee, have cocktails, check e-mail, read the paper and relax in an area that feels like a living room. The Loft's amenities will include: 24-hour restaurant, bar, state-of-the-art business center, free wireless internet access, comfortable working library, sundries store, game room with foosball and billiard table, and in pleasant climates a terraced area.

Additionally, NYLO Hotels will have meeting facilities with advanced technology and a fully equipped gym providing his-and-her changing rooms, showers and steam rooms.

"NYLO Hotels are designed on the premise that travelers appreciate innovative design and good value," notes Michael Mueller of NYLO.

"Today's business travelers demand -- and deserve -- hotels that are functional as well as entertaining, comfortable and fun, regardless of where they are traveling," Mueller continues. "NYLO offers the best elements of design, amenities and service found in the leading boutique hotels of the world's major gateway cities. At the same time, NYLO's efficient and economical new-build prototype is suitable for development on a mass-market basis in suburban, secondary and tertiary markets."

The company will break ground on its first hotel within the next six months and will begin construction on approximately four hotels within the coming year.

NYLO expects to have more than 50 properties open by 2010 and to grow eventually into a chain of 150-200 hotels.

"NYLO will offer guests a fully functional business hotel with business tools and amenities surpassing guests' needs and expectations," Mueller said.

"At the same time, guests will enjoy NYLO's friendly, upbeat atmosphere and innovative design," he continues. "What better place to relax or entertain clients than in The Loft, for example? Here, guests will be welcome 24/7 to work or socialize in a high-energy common area that feels like a living room."

"We went to great lengths to re-evaluate every aspect of the hotel facility program, layout and design," Mueller noted.

NYLO Hotels are designed by Stephane Dupoux, designer of upscale restaurants and nightclubs around the world.

A hallmark of NYLO Hotels will be its loft-style guestrooms, providing approximately 300 square feet of living space. The bright, airy rooms will have 11-foot ceilings and oversized windows. Exposed-brick-and-polished-concrete walls, along with noise-insulating techniques, are designed to assure a peaceful sleep. A combination high-tech office and entertainment center, each room will have a large flat-screen television, CD and DVD technology, and free high-speed Internet connections.

Furniture and lighting are custom-designed by Dupoux. Each guestroom will have a large open shower area, semi-platform king bed and sofa. The workspace will surpass the industry standard with oversized, moveable desk and ergonomic chair. For added comfort, the decor will include original artwork, plush drapes and luxury bedding.

Dupoux designed The Loft to be a high-energy gathering place. Its vortex, the lounge, will welcome travelers with soft amber lighting and one-of-a-kind, wood-and-plexi-glass bar. The Loft's mission: to provide a dynamic and comfortable space for guests to work, play, eat, drink, meet and relax. A comfortable library, custom-designed furniture and sofas swathed in soft fabrics will coax guests to linger day and night. The restaurant will offer savory, international cuisine as well as grab-and-go fare for busy guests. In each NYLO Hotel, The Loft will have a distinctive design, greeting travelers with innovative style in each locale.

"NYLO Hotels will be destinations in themselves, valued as much for their restaurants and bars as for their rooms," Dupoux predicts. "Guests won't need to search further for entertainment. NYLO will be the center of business travel, offering a dynamic experience for guests, their clients and local business people alike."

NYLO Hotels will have 135 to 185 rooms in buildings of three, four or five stories. Plans for several different prototype buildings have been fully developed, each plan ensuring that the buildings are quick and efficient to construct.

"The loft-style, new-build construction makes for substantial savings," said Chris Jones. "Exposed surfaces not only enhance design; they also conserve labor and resources, making limited use of crown moldings, drop ceilings, dry walls as well as floor and wall coverings."

The design and construction also contribute to operational savings, Jones said. NYLO Hotels will have state-of-the-art technology as well as advanced mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for lower energy and operating costs. The same concrete and brick that lends charm to the design also translate to savings. These materials reduce heating and cooling costs. Concrete also assures the hotels endure, requiring fewer repairs over time. When repairs are needed, however, many will be easier and less expensive to make because of the exposed steel conduits and piping inherent in the loft design.

NYLO Hotels combine the dynamic qualities of loft-style living with best-of-industry features.