Yenra : Bath : Home Spa : Preparation tips to create a luxurious environment with essential oils, music, and lighting in your own bathroom

Home Spa

From the tranquil setting to the luxurious amenities, relaxation is beneficial for your mind and body. Create a spa environment in your very own bathroom to unwind and rejuvenate your spirit.

Before you can even begin to relax in your own bathroom, it should be tidy. Otherwise, you'll be thinking about the cobweb in the corner; rather than the pleasant experience you should be having.

  1. Start with a sparkling tub and shower. Clean the tub with a fresh- scented bleach and wipe with an aromatic home cleanser.
  2. Wipe out sinks and countertops to allow for a clean palette to place spa items such as lotions, oils, and sponges.
  3. Wash all of your towels so you have a generous supply ready and waiting when you step out of the tub or shower.
If you're feeling that your bathroom needs more than a quick spruce-up and might actually need some restoring of its own before becoming a spa, this may be the perfect time to consider a fast and easy bathroom fix-up.

"Keep in mind that you don't need to remodel your entire bath at one time, since that can be overwhelming to many homeowners," said Grace Richards, Interior Decorator with Vignettes Designs in Cleveland. "Instead, concentrate on one or two areas to keep the project in perspective. A good place to start is with the faucet and showerhead, as these items are used most often."

Richards recommends Moen's new bath suite of products available exclusively at The Home Depot. The faucets feature a consumer-preferred high arc design with elaborate traditional styling to fit into a variety of bath decors. Design features include the consumer's choice of chrome or porcelain handles which sit atop tapered hubs, complementing the hour-glass styled center and giving consumers the option of creating their favorite look.

For the shower, the new collection includes a showerhead with a four- function spray and three massaging options. For a completely coordinated look in the bath, consumers again have the choice of chrome porcelain handles, as they are also available with the showering products.

"Installing a showerhead -- or even a new faucet -- is really something any homeowner can do on their own," added Richards. "Many home improvement centers even offer free classes to teach consumers "how to" in a hands-on environment."

Once your bathroom is spa-ready, be sure to establish a relaxing atmosphere. Turn off the TV, forget about the laptop, and unplug the phone. Find a sitter for the kids or occupy them with books, games or videos. Concentrate your efforts on yourself, for a change -- and allow at least two hours of uninterrupted peace to thoroughly unwind.

  1. Begin by turning off the lights in your bath and light aromatic candles. Scents such as lavender, jasmine and chamomile are known to have a calming effect.
  2. Play an instrumental, soft jazz or classical CD.
  3. Pamper yourself like you would at a day spa -- slip into a thick white terry cloth robe and slippers.
  4. Pour a tall glass of chilled spring water, or have a bottle of mineral water on hand to keep your body hydrated and to eliminate toxins while you unwind.
  5. Begin your spa experience by turning your bath into a steam room. Sprinkle essential oils on the floor of your shower, close the shower door and turn the water on a very hot temperature, at full force. After five minutes, change the water to a cooler temperature and step into the shower. Stand in the steam, breathing slowly, to let yourself relax.
  6. After your steam shower, step out and slip into your thick robe. Draw yourself a bath and add five to six drops of essential oils made from the petals of flowers to your bath water. Floral oils rejuvenate the skin, eliminate waste matter and facilitate the regeneration of new, healthy cells.
  7. Allow at least thirty minutes in the bath and focus on deep relaxation during this unhurried, hot soak.

Once you've had the chance to unwind, it's time to slowly bring yourself back to the real world.

  1. Gently towel dry and apply an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory facial splash and activator. Choose essential oils which stimulate and invigorate -- such as peppermint, eucalyptus or rosemary.
  2. Another spa secret is to apply a face and body firming treatment. Place an ice cube inside a small, plastic bag and gently rub over your face and body for several minutes to energize and tone your skin.
  3. Get dressed and make a refreshing, healthy meal or snack such as a big salad with plenty of raw vegetables or pieces of fresh fruit. These choices will keep you feeling satisfied and hydrated.
Finally, remember you don't need to pack your bags to relax and unwind. Think closer to home, and you can find the peace of mind you're looking for right down the hall.

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