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Heat Sinks

VGA thermal solutions for OEM electronics manufacturers are now available from Vette as custom branded VGA solutions for aftermarket suppliers. Leveraging its leadership position in removing heat from today's most powerful chipsets, Vette works with the aftermarket supplier to create a custom branded thermal solution bearing the graphics and design to provide not only superior performance, but significant market differentiation as well. VGA, video capture, or video processing chipsets power computer and popular consumer applications including high-performance video cards for the gaming industry, video display controllers, video recorders, and set-top boxes. In higher power applications, VGA's generate in excess of 100 watts of potentially damaging heat that must be removed. Unlike OEM suppliers looking to strip costs from their products, aftermarket suppliers serve consumers willing to pay to increase the performance of their video application. Often times the thermal solution is the largest identifiable component to the consumer on an aftermarket video card. In offering a higher priced component, suppliers also seek to build brand loyalty and product differentiation with strong graphics.

According to company president George Dannecker, "Vette meets the unique branding and thermal performance needs of aftermarket suppliers with a combination of expertise unavailable elsewhere. The performance of our thermal solutions is second to none and we will engineer cosmetic and structural modifications to the heatsink as well as provide graphic designers to accommodate the most demanding labeling and graphic treatments in support of our customers' branding programs."

Vette's application support enables VGA aftermarket suppliers' early phase design efforts with access to leading design-engineering personnel, test facilities and complete prototyping capabilities to ensure rapid design cycles of the lowest-cost, highest-efficiency thermal solutions. To further enhance aftermarket product applications, Vette supports its thermal solutions with graphic and mechanical design services, including thermal analysis, mechanical analysis, thermal testing, and fan life testing.

Vette's engineers start by optimizing a customer's cooling solution for thermal, mechanical, acoustic, and cost constraints. At the same time they are also optimizing the design for manufacturability and developing tooling to maximize manufacturing efficiency. Then with design validation and customer approval, Vette's high-volume, high-quality manufacturing ramps up, feeding the customers' global supply chains and meeting their critical delivery deadlines.

Vette's heatsinks for OEM and aftermarket VGA's and related chipsets are currently available worldwide in standardized configuration, or can be customized to the application's specific needs.

Vette provides thermal management solutions for OEMs in the computer and industrial electronics industries.