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Healthy Coffee

In a time when people are truly searching for good news, the "buzz" on the street is that coffee can actually be good for you! Jeremiah's Pick, San Francisco-based roaster of fine gourmet coffees, including certified organics, is launching J.O.E., the first coffee enhanced with herbal extracts and amino acids, designed to put a healthy twist on an old but beloved vice for millions of people.

J.O.E. (Java of Evolution) contains carefully formulated Indian, Chinese and other traditional herbs, blended with 100% Certified Organic Arabica coffee beans from Central America, Africa and Indonesia. GO J.O.E. contains five ginsengs to provide increased energy, stamina and strength, help the body heal stress, increase circulation and support the immune system. KNOW J.O.E. contains a blend of herbal extracts and amino acids known to increase energy and improve memory. Gingko and vinpocetine improve circulation to the brain, while L-tyrosine improves neuro-transmission in the nerve synapses. Both GO and KNOW are available with caffeine and caffeine-free, both certified organic. The caffeine-free J.O.E.'s are ideal for people with caffeine sensitivities and coffee drinkers who want to enjoy J.O.E. late at night.

J.O.E. is available now at fine gourmet and select natural foods stores nationally.

According to founder Jeremiah Pick, "J.O.E. is the perfect fit for people who love coffee but are tired of hearing that it's 'bad' for you. It has the taste of gourmet coffee, is certified organic, and contains herbs and amino acids that compliment the coffee's character. Our goal is to create a bridge between coffee, one of the oldest and arguably most popular beverages in the world, with health and well-being."

J.O.E. is a division of Jeremiah's Pick Coffee. Founded in San Francisco in 1993, Jeremiah's Pick prides itself on the quality of its hand-picked and roasted coffees, as well as its unique small batch roasting techniques. The company specializes in creating innovative coffees and coffee programs for groceries, restaurants and hotels throughout the country. Its mission is to work with socially and environmentally responsible growers and establish long- term relationships for the supply of exceptional quality green beans.