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HealthRider TV Treadmill

HealthRider, a leader in home fitness innovation, has developed a treadmill that will help people get off the couch and jogging through the TV channels this season. The new HealthRider T90 Workout TV Treadmill is a high performance home treadmill with a 6.8" cable-ready flat screen TV built directly into the console.

"This treadmill was designed to help keep people motivated to work out," said Kristine Brooks, personal trainer and fitness expert for ICON Health & Fitness, manufacturer of the HealthRider brand. "Lack of motivation is the number one reason people give up their fitness program. With the T90, motivation to work out comes easy, knowing you'll be able to enjoy a movie or sporting event on the built-in television."

Treadmills still remain the most popular home workout according to the NSGA (National Sporting Goods Association). The treadmill is also the most efficient way to burn calories and is more effective than any other machine, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In addition to the built-in television, the T90 Workout TV treadmill features the latest technology in treadmill cushioning -- the Reflex Deck. This arc-shaped deck responds to the users' stride by flattening to absorb the impact and then propelling the user into the next stride. The Reflex Deck design greatly reduces impact on the knees, hips and joints-an amazing 58 percent reduction compared with running on the ground.

"You'll see the difference in the unique arc-shaped deck and feel the difference when you work out," Brooks said.

The T90 Workout TV treadmill is compatible, allowing users to stream unique workouts from the Web site to automatically control the speed and incline of the treadmill.'s interactive workouts are unparalleled in providing customized, goal-specific results.

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