Yenra : Fashion : Karibags : Celebrities attracted to high-fashion belt bag combinations made with Austrian crystals, leather, and silk wrap around the waist

Kelly Clarkson

Hot, handy, and wrapped around the rich and famous, karibags are the latest must-have accessory in Hollywood. These high-fashion belt-bag combinations have everyone bagging their purses and getting hip. That's why this unique design has been chosen for the Silver Spoon Academy Award Gift bags.

Eva Mendes

Oscar nominees, presenters and celebrities invited to an exclusive lounge will choose which karibag their heart desires. These little bags with big city names are no stranger to the spotlight. Karibags were a hit in the People's Choice Awards and Radio Music Awards gift bags, and you can catch them on Surreal Life.

"They make your outfit pop and they're functional," says designer Kari Alexander. "I designed the bags based on need. There's nothing quite like them."

Karibags wrap around the waist and are designed to hold cash, credit cards, IDs, and keys. They are made with the finest materials: Austrian crystals, leather and silk. Each style is named after a different city and the best part is they free up your hands. That way you can shop, dance, and go to cocktail parties all without the hassle of holding a purse. Some designs even have a cell phone pocket.