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Just in time for Halloween--a book of stunning full-color masks of the greatest heroes and villains of the comics, meticulously crafted by world-class paper engineer Christos Kondeatis, ready to press out, assemble, and wear.

Using the clear assembly instructions provided, anyone can bring these comic book greats vividly to life. Each mask accurately depicts a character as appears in today's comics and he or she is accompanied by text outlining the character's origin and superpowers, along with a full-color rendering of the complete costume. For fans and fun seekers everywhere, these brilliantly crafted masks are perfect for parties and Halloween. Masks include: Two-Face, The Flash, Superman, The Joker, Darkseid, Catwoman, Batman, Wonder Woman.

DC Comics is the oldest publisher of comics in America, having launched the superhero genre in 1938 with Superman. Together with Batman, Wonder Woman, and thousands of other characters, DC Comics' heroes and villains currently star in comic books, live action and animated television shows, movies, toys, and merchandising, and are known worldwide.

Christos Kondeatis, a talented artist, designer, and paper engineer, previously designed the wonderful paper effects in Pandora's Box and The Ancient Egypt Pack, and several books of masks.