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Halloween Costumes

Spiderman Halloween Costume

Spiderman Costume almost looks like the real thing.

Dress-Up Costumes

Dream Dazzlers My Original Dress-Ups - Fancy Me! Deluxe Trunk - Be it bride, princess, ballerina, or woodland fairy, the extravagant makings are all here. There's a lace-trimmed, nylon full-length (21-inch) skirt, a lavender cape trimmed with pink down, a sparkly sequined fabric crown, a lacy white veil, and a headband with a downy pouf--plus a 44-inch feathery pink boa and a pair of high-heeled slippers sized to fit an average 5-year-old. The frilly pink ruffle can be worn as a skirt, neck ruff, or exotic headpiece; the beribboned wand doubles as a scepter. There's even an iridescent necklace and matching bracelet with pop-together closures. All of the pieces can be mixed and matched for a splendid variety of costumes. Elastic and Velcro at strategic points make costume changes easy and keep things from binding too tightly. When playtime is over, stow all the items away in the 13-by-6-inch pink hatbox.

Toy Story Costumes

Toy Story 2: Buzz Deluxe Dress-Up Set - The Buzz dress-up set matches his movie outfit, including fun inflatable wings and a chest plate with metallic buttons!

Toy Story 2: Jessie Cowgirl Dress-Up Set - With this Jessie costume, inspired by the charming cowgirl of the Toy Story 2 movie, young cowgirls will be ready for rootin'-tootin' Halloween adventures. The dress-up set includes an adjustable, plastic big-buckle belt, yellow fringed wristbands, and a fabric piece that slips over a child's head to give almost any shirt a Western-style look. Top off the ensemble with the red plastic hat, which comes with a long red braid hanging down the back. A great Halloween costume.

Ballet Costume

Small Miracles Pink Chiffon Ballet Dress-Up Outfit - A cloud of pink cotton candy, this wonderful dress-up set includes both the Small Miracles Long Chiffon Skirt and Pink Sequin Suntop. The skirt has a wide and soft stretchy waistband, adorned with a tiny pink rosette, making this one-size-fits-all ensemble just right for almost anyone ages 3 to 11. Top it off with the sparkling pink suntop--embellished with pale pink sequins and a back of soft white satin stretch material. This is the perfect way for little ballerinas-to-be to practice pirouetting. It's a real showstopper.

Princess, Bride, Angel, Fairy, Ballerina Costumes

Just Pretend Satin and Lace Collection (Small) - In the land of enchantment, every dreamer can play the graceful ballerina or dazzling fairy princess. The Satin & Lace Collection halloween costume is designed to honor those timeless fantasies of girls. Glorious outfits in rich whites, shimmering silvers and lush pinks let them be princess, bride, angel, fairy, ballerina-and more. With a box full of convertible and reversible pieces, the flights of fancy are limitless. Includes: Veil/train/wings, faux pearls, white bouquet, fingerless lace gloves, lacy magic clip, silver sequin strap/belt, pink tutu, pink ballet toe toppers, pink puff wand, taffeta skirt/cape, reversible satin top, reversible cap sleeves, silver tiara, reversible satin peplum, silver halo (not shown), and a floral headband.

Knight Costume

Just Pretend: Knight Complete Costume (Size 6-8) - Knights in shining armor never lose their appeal for kids. This high-quality complete knight costume for younger children includes a padded vest with open sides, a realistic fabric helmet, gauntlets (wrist covers), and a coordinating adjustable belt. These components are made of an intriguing silvery black fabric with an all-over pattern of reflective sequins, giving the illusion of medieval chain mail. The vest, gauntlets, and belt are reversible, with the reverse sides in a superhero theme of blue satin with red trim. (Additional coordinating items for the superhero costume are available separately.) Also included in this set is a pair of black satin pants (sizes 6 to 8) that reverse to dark silver. Completely outfitted knights like to have their weapons at hand just in case any dragons are afoot, so this set includes a black-and-silver hard-plastic shield and a swashbuckling sword with safely dull edges and a rounded point. Just Pretend's costumes are made of the best-quality materials, with professional construction and design that will enhance any dress-up collection and please even the most particular knight on Halloween night.

Superhero Costume

Just Pretend: REVERSIBLE! Superhero and Knight Vest - What does a well-dressed knight wear for the main part of his costume? If he's outfitted by the award-winning costume company Just Pretend, the young knight will be showing off his dazzling reversible vest, made of shiny silver metallic fabric covered with silver sequins. The knight's vest has red satin trim around all the edges and a large red-and-black dragon medallion in the center of the chest. Flip the vest over, and a superhero emerges, with a royal blue satin vest ornamented with a swirly red-and-gold patch on the chest. This versatile costume item is open on the sides, so it will fit ages 3 to 12. Other coordinating Just Pretend costume accessories for superheroes and knights are available separately.

Burglar Costume

Just Pretend: Burglar - There's drama afoot with this sneak thief's set. The basic burglary props are here: 5 1/2" metal safe with lock, skeleton keys, mask, dynamite (in case the keys fail) and loot bag. The shirt tells the moral of the story: the cat-burglar back side reverses to prison stripes.

Frontier Costume

Just Pretend: Frontier Woman - Whether tackling ranch chores or chasing off rustlers, the frontier woman is part of any Western drama. The bonnet and apron are practical basics. With roundup bell, working lantern and basket close at hand, she's ready to hold down the homestead.

Astronaut Halloween Costume

Just Pretend: Astronaut Complete Costume (Size 3-5) - Send your space explorer off into the stratosphere (or just around the block for trick-or-treating) in this supershiny space suit sewn from sparkling silver fabrics. The set includes a silver fabric helmet with adjustable chin strap, a padded silver fabric vest with pointed sleeve caps, a coordinating silver belt, and adjustable padded silver boot covers that fit right over a child's regular shoes. Also included is a pair of elastic-waist pants (sizes 3 to 5) in a darker silver fabric, which reverse to plain black satin for use with other costumes. The vest, belt, and boot covers are also reversible, with the reverse sides made from shiny gold fabric with red satin accents. (These items, along with the black satin pants, can be used for a king's costume. Other costume items for the Just Pretend king are available separately.) Just Pretend's award-winning costumes are made of the highest-quality materials, with excellent construction that will last through many days of creative play. An out-of-this-world costume for any aspiring astronaut.

Austin Powers Halloween Costumes

Austin Powers Dr. Evil Costume (Up to Size 46) - Top Secret: unbeknownst to the general public, Dr. Evil--the Nehru suit-wearing nemesis of Austin Powers--has hatched another diabolical plot to rule the world. While walking the Strand in London, Powers saw one, no two, no six, no... Dr. Evils walking about. How could it be, baby? Well, Austin, Dr. Evil has decided to clone himself in a most novel way: he is in league with costume maker Disguise Inc. to make imitation Evils for all to wear. Once the unsuspecting don this gray nylon suit and bald cap, they will join his dastardly minions with pride--especially since it's machine washable. One size fits all.

Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Pokemon Lapras Deluxe Costume (Size 4-6) - One of the largest characters at 8 feet 2 inches, Lapras looks a bit like the Loch Ness monster, but its gentle demeanor makes it far from frightening. The bodysuit of this deluxe set has a cream-colored front and a blue back (plus fabulous foamy flippers with lavender details). Includes a foam-backed pink shell (with elastic armbands to keep it on) and a plastic character mask.

Pokemon Zapdos Deluxe Costume (Size 4-6) - One of the electric trio of birds (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres), Zapdos is said to be a legendary Pokémon bird that appears from the clouds while dropping enormous lightning bolts. The bodysuit of this deluxe set has a yellow torso, brown legs (with stretchy fabric over the calves), and foam wings and tail that give it a lot of character. Includes a plastic mask, which comes with a beak attachment, and foam "feet."

Pokemon Jigglypuff Standard Costume (Size 4-6) - This fun and easy costume lets kids transform into one of the most rare and mischievous Pokémon around: Jigglypuff (the proto-form of Wigglytuff, for parents keeping track). The soft foam suit pulls on over kids' heads, while legs poke out of the bottom and arms slide out through seam-stitched holes at the shoulder. Jigglypuff's big, bright-eyed face is printed on the front, giving just the slightest hint of a giggling smile.

Mortal Kombat Halloween Costume

Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Children's Costume (Size 7-10) - The one-piece body suit, all black and satiny blue, comes with an attached hood and tunic, tying at the waist with a sash. The cloth face guard fastens just below the eyes.

Dinosaur Halloween Costume

T-Rex Costume - Everyone will let out a rrroar when they see this T-Rex from Battat. Wonderful details such as teeth and claws ensure that this costume won't become extinct after Halloween. The eyes are sewn with a penetrating stare, so you're bound to get more candy than the fairy princess or the kitty next door. The stuffed claws hide little fingers and toes for a more realistic look. And lastly, a long, stuffed tail is fun to wag and flip about. The suit is made from bright green, purple, and yellow machine-washable fabric. All Battat products are made from high-quality, nontoxic materials. They also comply with all U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Noddy Halloween Costume

Noddy Deluxe Toddler's Costume (Size 2-4) - From head to toe, this costume lets imaginative youngsters assume the role of Noddy, that plucky wooden boy from the PBS/BBC series of the same name. The soft, synthetic body suit stretches from neck to ankle, with well-stitched cuffs and a lace-up clasp in back. Printed foam shoe covers go over your kid's feet, and the trademark cone hat jingles with every head movement. A cheery polka dot scarf ties around the neck and--best of all--a bright red foam ball pops right onto your child's nose.

Pokemom Halloween Costume

Pokemon Marill Standard Costume (Size 4-6) - Kids can transform themselves into the happiest little water mouse around--the rare and playful Marill--with this soft foam pullover Poké-costume. The bright blue Marill suit goes on over kids' heads, while legs poke out of the bottom and arms slide out through seam-stitched holes at the shoulder. Pink mouse ears stick out over the shoulders, and Marill's cute features are printed just above its white belly.

Charming Cherub Toddler's Costume (Size 4-6) - The Charming Cherub set includes a flowing white gown with long, belled pouf-sleeves and silver sparkly overlay. The attached small, silver netted wings are a heavenly addition. A crown of stars tops off this sweet costume, which works for Halloween or any dress-up sessions. The dress is machine washable.

Witch Halloween Costume

Witch Costume - Double, double, toil and trouble. Brew up some witchy wonder with this fantastically freaky dress-up costume from Battat. Your little pretty will love this high-quality set that includes a velvety black witch's hat with yellow and purple iridescent streamers, a patchwork dress with black bodice and yellow sleeves, a short, black cape, and an orange sash. The colorfully patched apron has a pocket that's just the right size for keeping a few treats on hand. Made from machine-washable black, yellow, purple, and orange fabric, this is one costume that will last through many a spell.

Witch Costume - Break away from the traditional and stereotypical witch costume with this sassy number. No longer do you have to don a long, black, unflattering dress and dunce cap. This spellbinding set includes a sheer off-the-shoulder crop top made from spider-web-print fabric, a multilayered black-and-purple miniskirt with a large silver plastic buckle, a pair of black-and-purple striped tights, and a crooked but chic witch's hat made of comfortable foamy material.

Dragon Tales Halloween Costume

Dragon Tales Ord Toddler's Costume (Size 1-2) - Toddlers might have a hard time picking their favorite dragon from the hit PBS series Dragon Tales, but this Ord costume for tots is pretty hard to beat. Complete with a set of foam wings with an impressive wingspan, this soft one-piece costume lets toddlers (sizes 1 to 2) dress up as the friendly, high-flying fraidy cat. It has a floppy tail (which can be filled out with padding) and a medal for bravery that hangs from a purple ribbon around the neck.

Teletubbies Halloween Costume

Teletubbies Dipsy Deluxe Toddler's Costume (Size 4-6) - Toddlers can try out their Teletubby dance moves in this deluxe Dipsy costume. Dipsy is, of course, the most accomplished dancer in Teletubbyland. This seam-stitched, fleece body suit pulls on from the bottom, has generous arms and legs, and ties at the neck. The fuzzy, neon green costume comes with a shiny lamé Tubby screen, soft mitts, booties, and a little hood sporting big ears and Dipsy's signature rod antenna (both of foam).

Blue's Clues Costume

Blue's Clues Periwinkle Toddler's Costume (Size 1-2) - Little fans of Blue's Clues love Blue's new friend, Periwinkle. Dressed in a lovely shade of lavender, she's just as adorable as Blue, and she's ready for trick-or-treating adventures. With soft foam backing on the headpiece, this adorable, lightweight, and machine-washable costume is the perfect way for kids to dress up as this beloved kitty. Includes a bodysuit and a hood.

Baby Bop Costume

Baby Bop Deluxe Toddler's Costume (Size 4-6)

Pokemon Zapdos Costume

Pokemon Zapdos Deluxe Children's Costume (Size 7-10) - Catch a little Pokémon fever this Halloween with a limited-edition Zapdos costume. One of the electric trio of birds (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres), Zapdos is said to be a legendary Pokémon bird that appears from the clouds while dropping enormous lightning bolts. The bodysuit of this deluxe set has a yellow torso, brown legs (with stretchy fabric over the calves), and foam wings and tail that give it a lot of character. Add the plastic mask, which comes with a beak attachment, and the foam "feet," and you are ready for a little Poké-mania.

Pokemon Pikachu Halloween Costume

Pokemon Pikachu Toddler's Costume (Size 4-6) - "Gotta catch 'em all!" seems to be the mantra for those caught up in the Pokémon craze. Pikachu is perhaps the collection's most prized acquisition. Capturing its absolutely adorable face in a mask, Disguise Inc. created this bright yellow Pickachu costume, complete with red spots on the cheeks and a groovy, zigzagged tail. All you need is a pair of yellow socks or even yellow gloves to make it really work for you. The completed costume comes with a Pikachu bodysuit (love that lightning rod of a tail) and a mask with Pikachu's visage printed on it.

Digimon Halloween Costumes

Digimon Agumon Costume (Small 4-6) - Tai, the leader of the Digi-destined, controls the most volatile Digimon of all, the pepper-breathing rookie, Agumon. Kids can digi-volve into the wily reptile in this soft, one-piece bodysuit with white claw "cuffs" and a tail that can be filled out with padding.

Digimon Agumon Costume (Medium 8-10) - Tai, the leader of the Digi-destined, controls the most volatile Digimon of all, the pepper-breathing rookie, Agumon. Kids can digi-volve into the wily reptile in this soft, one-piece bodysuit with white claw "cuffs" and a tail that can be filled out with padding.

Stars Wars Halloween Costumes

Star Wars Episode I: Anakin Skywalker Children's Costume with Helmet (Medium) - Anakin is suited up in his podracer costume, ready to race for his freedom at the Boonta Eve Challenge. The costume set includes a tan tunic, beige pants with attached boot tops, a belt, and a vinyl headpiece with a hood. Fire up those twin podracer engines, Anakin, and feel the Force!

Star Wars: C-3PO Costume (Large) - Practice your best C-3PO accent so you'll be a perfectly prepared proper robot on October 31. This C-3PO costume includes a gold mask and a gold jumpsuit with a tummy section revealing C-3PO's intricate wiring.

Star Wars: C-3PO Costume (Large 12-14) - Making a dignified appearance in all the Star Wars episodes, C-3PO is an overachieving protocol droid who has a knack for stumbling into the middle of major intergalactic conflicts. Any fan will enjoy playing the role of this unwitting hero. The gold-colored polyester jumpsuit, which is machine washable, comes with a PVC mask.

Star Wars Episode I: Queen Amidala Children's Costume with Headpiece (Medium) - In Star Wars: Episode I, Queen Amidala's wardrobe stole the show. Slip into this regal red robe with plush trim and gold finery, and you can become the brave queen for the night. The intricate headpiece and battery-operated lights will have everyone talking from here to Naboo.

Powerpuff Girls Halloween Costumes

The Powerpuff Girls Blossom Costume (Toddler 2-4)

The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Costume (Medium 8-10)

Cheerleaders Costume

Cheerleader Barbie Children's Costume (Medium) - Give us a B--for Barbie! Your little cheerleader can lead the trick-or-treaters in this costume made of satiny bright pink material (Barbie's favorite color). The set includes a dress with a B monogram, a dotted belt, and a matching headband. Three cheers for Halloween!

Flash Costume

The Flash Costume (Large 12-14) - The Flash has the killer combination of a cool superpower and an even cooler outfit. Junior crime fighters can suit up as the lightning-fast Flash with this swanky red-and-yellow uniform, which includes a yellow bolt logo on the front, a belt, and foam boot covers. Flash's secret identity is concealed under a red cloth mask with Mercury wings over the ears.

Digimon Patamon Costume

Digimon: Patamon Costume (Medium 8-10)

Dragon Ball Z Costume

Dragon Ball Z: Frieza Costume (Medium 8-10) - Supervillain Frieza always gets the short end of the stick; usually this entails getting blown into bits and left floating in space, or worse. But he keeps coming back for more, and kids can take a turn as the planet-conquering overlord in this one-piece, pull-over bodysuit. The purple and white suit features a long foam tail, "splays" over the feet, and a pull-on, foam facemask with Frieza's evil-looking eyes and huge purple cranium.

Batman Costume

Batman Robin Costume (Small) - Robin's costume comes with a red and green jumpsuit with attached black boot tops, a wide yellow belt, a black cape, and a black eye mask.

Barbie Costume

50's Barbie Costume (Medium 8-10) - Your little girl will be ready to rock and roll on Halloween night in this hot pink and black dress with puffed sleeves and a circle skirt. The top is made of shiny pink satin with a white Peter Pan collar and a dark pink "B" monogram. The attached black skirt is printed with bright pink 45-rpm records (you'll have to explain what those are!), apparently featuring a hit song by Barbie. A pink net slip is also included to help the skirt stand out. A wide, white belt with a metallic heart in the center adds '50s finesse.

Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek Deep Space 9 Ferengi Kit - Transform yourself into a Ferengi with this specialized makeup set. It includes fake teeth, double-faced tape, brown makeup, a sponge, a makeup applicator, and that distinctive Ferengi headpiece with enlarged skull, wrinkled brow, and large ears.

Star Trek Jumpsuit Children's Costume in Red (Small)

Harem Girl Costume

Harem Girl Children's Costume (Large) - Your little girl will love dressing up in this harem girl outfit with lots of floating veils in bright shades of pink, yellow, and red. The costume includes pink briefs with gold sequin trim, an attached skirt made of veils, a cropped top, and a sequin headband with still more veils.

Harem Girl Children's Costume (Small) - Your little girl will love dressing up in this harem girl outfit with lots of floating veils in bright shades of pink, yellow, and red. The costume includes pink briefs with gold sequin trim, an attached skirt made of veils, a cropped top, and a sequin headband with still more veils.

Star Wars Costume

Star Wars Episode I: Darth Maul Children's Costume Kit (Medium)

Angel Costume

Angel Barbie Children's Costume (Medium)

Butterfly Costume

Blue Butterfly Children's Costume (Medium)

Madeline Costume

Deluxe Madeline Children's Costume (Large) - Fans can dress up as Madeline, the adventurous young heroine, in this detailed, well-constructed costume. All of Madeline's signature stylings are here: her bright yellow hat with the bow in back, her deep blue, button-up dress with its white collar, and a stitched-in red scarf.

Hippie Costume

Feelin' Groovy: Hippie Costume

Bobby Soxer Barbie Costume

Soxer Barbie Costume (Medium 8-10) - Bobby Soxer Barbie is ready to rock around the clock (or at least till bedtime) in her pretty pink satin skirt and blouse. The costume is actually a one-piece dress with an elastic waist and an attached net slip, which allows the skirt to really stand out. The pale pink top has puffed sleeves, a white Peter Pan collar, and a monogrammed "B" on the front. The skirt is strewn with silver musical accents. A drawstring belt with pom-poms and a pink chiffon hair bow for Barbie's ponytail are also included.

Addams Family Costume

The Addams Family: Wednesday Costume - Aspiring Wednesdays can dress up as the deranged little darling. The short black dress, which ties at the neck, has a starch-stiff, foam collar and matching cuffs. A Pilgrim-style cloth belt cinches the waist.

Witch Costume

Witch Costume - Witches with lots of spider friends will feel right at home in this creepy-crawly dress. The simple black gown has long, mesh sleeves embroidered with fabric webs, an elastic neckband, a tattered hem, and a neat spidery sash to tie it all off.

Bear Costume

Petting Zoo Kylee Koala Bear Costume (Toddler 2-4)

Nascar Race Driver Costume

Nascar Racer Charger Costume - Young NASCAR fans can assume the identity of one of the most legendary heroes in NASCAR racing, Mark "Charger" McCutchen. This one-piece bodysuit has Charger's knight logo on the front, foam shoulder cuffs, and lightning-bolt trim on the arms and legs. Charger's strap-on facemask has a clear visor in front for maximum visibility on the track.

Digimon Patamon Costume

Digimon: Patamon Costume (Toddler 2-4)

Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Costume

Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Costume - Buttercup is one of three super-sister heroines who protect the city of Townsville and, like her siblings, she's not afraid to cop a little attitude when necessary. This costume representing the sassy brunette includes a sleeveless tank dress in her signature green with a black stripe through the middle, a black foam headpiece in the shape of her fanned hair that stays in place with an elastic chin band, large plastic eyes that hook behind the ears, and--the piece de resistance--shoe covers that look like a pair of white bobby socks in black Mary Janes.

Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Costume

Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Costume

Teeny Bopper Costume

Teeny Bopper Toddler Costume

Halloween Makeup Kit

Halloween Marvel Makeup Kit

Mod Barbie Costume

Mod Barbie Toddler's Costume - This retro-style Mod Barbie costume, featuring a shiny pink vinyl minidress that even Twiggy would love, is a real blast from the past. It includes an attached belt, silver trim, a matching mod cap, and stretchy, white go-go boot tops. For even more '60s style, the boot tops, which fit over plain white tennis shoes, have pink vinyl flowers. So now even toddlers can show Barbie's flower power.

Groovy Costume

Feelin' Groovy Dashiki Costume - Little ones looking for a cool, cosmic Halloween can't go wrong with this outfit that comes straight out of the '70s: a colorful dashiki and wide brown pants. The pants have an elastic gather at the waist, and the crazy-colored shirt sports a thin foam collar decorated with a paisley motif.

Akima Costume

Titan A.E.: Akima Costume

Ballerina Costume

Ballerina Barbie Costume (Small 3-5) - The Ballerina Barbie costume has a white bodysuit with Barbie's picture on the chest, pink fringe around the neckline and arms, and a matching sassy pink skirt. A pink headpiece is also included.

Commando Costume

Commando Costume - Whether kids want to be a Green Beret, a Navy Seal, or a run-of-the-mill Airborne Ranger, this well-equipped costume should give them everything they need to complete the mission. The one-piece, "olive drab" jumpsuit comes with a "Commando Squad"-emblazoned vest, plastic dog tags, and an array of plastic soldier accoutrements. The accessories, which are attached with Velcro, include a grenade, a canteen, a compass, and binoculars. Also included are a sturdy, adjustable plastic helmet and a pretend cell phone for calling in air strikes.

M&M's Costumes

M&M's Children's Costume in Blue (Very Small) - Those cool blue M&Ms are a great addition to the M&M mix. Your child will look sweet in this M&M costume, which includes a bright blue satin padded M&M body, white hands, and white shoe covers.

M&M's Children's Costume in Red (Large) - The set includes a round, padded red satin M&M body with a smiling face on the front. White gloves and white shoe covers finish the look.

Digimon Gabumon Costume

Digimon Gabumon Costume (Toddler 2-4)

Star Trek Next Generation Costume

Star Trek Next Generation Gold Shirt (Small) - Join the ranks of the Federation in this officially licensed gold crew uniform. The nicely stitched, zip-up top comes with all the classic detailing of the original from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The costume includes a pin-on communicator badge and ranking pips, which will let you set your rank anywhere from cadet to captain.

How to Make Your Own Costumes

Clever Costume Creating for Halloween

Fabulous Fun Costumes - From surprisingly humble beginnings (a purchased sweat suit, or a simple-to-sew jumpsuit, pattern included) comes a lively menagerie of costumes that will delight young kids. To the basic suits of black, white, or gray (a couple use green), add a simple fake fur tabard or hood of varying design and the occasional extra accessory and you get a turtle, chimpanzee, elephant, butterfly, panda, penguin, skunk, stegosaurus, tarantula, vampire bat, and eight other critters; full directions and patterns are given for each. Perhaps the key ingredient in each costume's success is the well-designed face-painting scheme, for which detailed step-by-step instructions are provided. (Snazaroo is actually a brand of face paint available at craft stores, but any brand will do.) Costume construction is mostly easy (straightforward stitching; sometimes fusible web or fabric glue), and each project includes a kid-friendly sidebar that explains a bit about the animal's behavior and/or eating habits so youngsters can practice acting like their chosen creature and even learn a bit about it. One small quibble: the general instructions say the patterns are intended for ages 6 to 12, but the designs are more likely to appeal to ages 3 to 8; the average 10-year-old is likely to find them too juvenile. However, the gridded patterns can be enlarged to any desired size, so it shouldn't be a problem to adjust down for the littlest trick-or-treaters.

Halloween Costumes (Singer Sewing Reference Library) - As with the other books in the Singer series, this one offers great step-by-step instructions and detailed color photos that are fairly easy to follow and yield very polished results. Construction comes in three basic styles: tabards, gowns, and full-suit costumes, as well as detailed directions on making various types of headwear, capes, collars, skirts, wings, leggings, and shoe covers. Though the costume ideas are a bit on the ordinary side (pumpkin, spaceman, lion, king and queen, and the like), the terrific instructions can be adapted to unlimited costume designs of your own devising.