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The number of outdoor female grillers is up twenty percent from just a few years ago.

As the ranks of women grillers continue to swell, Weber is reissuing its popular Girls Guide to Grilling, a sizzle-to-smoke how-to guide for women who want to share in the fun -- and terrific taste -- of outdoor cooking. The free guide features

Weber's Girls' Guide to Grilling also has an inspiring introduction by Jennifer Bushman, author of the Kitchen Coach series of books. Bushman says that among the 4,000-plus people she has taught in her grilling classes across the country, the number of female attendees have more than doubled during the last three years.

"Most women are pleasantly surprised by how easy and fun outdoor grilling can be," says Bushman. "Think about it ... you come home from work and instead of doing a lot of prep work to roast, bake or fry in a hot kitchen, you can sprinkle a couple of seasonings and put some olive oil on any meat, choose some vegetables, then toss them on the grill. For some extra pizzazz, you can also grill fruit."

Bushman adds, "The number one reason people grill their food outside is because they say it tastes better -- grilling adds that wonderful caramelization and smokiness to food. And, in many cases, it actually helps reduce fat."

Weber's Girls Guide to Grilling is available free to consumers by calling the Weber Grill-Line at 1-800-GRILL-OUT.