Yenra : GPS : GPS Vehicle Tracking : Magellan 750 Series Vehicle Navigation Solutions Deliver Most Advanced Functionality and the Ultimate in Portability; Magellan GPS Solutions Offer Most Complete Mapping Data, User-Controlled Routing Options, Sophisticated Off-Road Capabilities And More Convenient Cross-Country Routing

One of the most popular vehicle navigation systems in America is now better than ever. Thales Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions including Magellan and Ashtech product lines, today announced significant new software advancements for its Magellan 750M and 750NAV Series Vehicle Navigation solutions that deliver a higher level of driving freedom.

Completely portable, the Magellan 750M allows customers to easily move the compact unit from vehicle to vehicle to provide visual and voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions virtually anywhere the driver goes in the U.S. and Canada. The portability of the 750M eliminates the cost and inconvenience of installation, and is ideal for the road warrior, frequent air traveler, fleet/lease car operator, and RV enthusiast, or anyone needing a robust navigation solution that allows use in multiple or temporary vehicles.

From the makers of the Hertz NeverLost(R) vehicle navigation system, the lightweight, self-contained 750M now offers enhanced user-controlled route exclude features, enhanced off-road navigation functions, more up-to-date mapping data and improved cross-country routing. These technological advancements are also available in the Magellan 750NAV.

"Aggressive innovation has been the hallmark of the Magellan brand, starting with our delivery of the first consumer GPS solution," said Tom Hunter, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Thales Navigation. "By introducing valuable new functionality for our 750 series customers we are again setting a new standard in GPS technology for others to follow."

The product enhancements provide 750 series customers with more cities, towns, and roads in the already extensive database of detailed street maps and more than 500,000 businesses, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, government facilities and highway-exit services. In addition, the map data is now stored in two sections, as opposed to 10, making cross-country routing more convenient. For example, on a trip from San Francisco to Washington D.C., a user would only need to reset the database once and would get a continuous route rather than several legs of the route on various sections of the map.

Enhancements to the route exclude feature give drivers the added control of bypassing traffic jams or constructions zones by excluding roads in real time while the driver is in route to the destination. The off-road navigation function now allows users to set waypoints, create routes and determine the aggressiveness of a terrain.

The 750 series combines map-matching, inertial navigation technology and continuous data from Global Positioning System satellites to provide extremely accurate guidance information without service charges. Its color display shows routes in four formats, including the driver's position on detailed maps. Drivers have the option of choosing the fastest or shortest route, which is automatically recalculated after a missed turn. Other features include the option to choose a male or female voice from seven languages and store 100 frequent destinations.