Yenra : Golf : GPS Golf Management System : New color handheld Inforemer from GPS Industries

GPS Industries announced that it will be introducing a new color handheld GPS mobile display unit, forming the broadest product line the industry has to offer. The new unit will debut at the 2004 PGA Merchandise Show being held in Orlando, Florida on January 29 - February 1, 2004.

A pioneer in the design and development of advanced GPS mobile display units, GPSI was the first company to introduce a handheld GPS unit, and is continuing to lead the industry in innovative product development. GPSI is the only company in the industry offering both handheld and cart mounted GPS units, and the only provider to offer courses the option to mix-and-match handheld and cart mounted GPS units in a single, seamless solution. With the introduction of the new color handheld, courses are now able to choose from an unprecedented selection of black and white handheld, color handheld and color cart mounted Inforemer GPS units.

"This is the perfect solution for high-end private courses, cart-path only courses and courses with a majority of walking golfers. Until now there hasn't been a solution on the market which truly fits their needs," commented Robert Silzer Sr., CEO of GPS Industries.

The new color handheld Inforemer unit is built for resilience and durability. It features a brilliant backlit color display that makes it exceptionally easy to view in direct sunlight. All Inforemer units allow golfers to view full course graphics and hole layouts. The Inforemer GPS management system is a total business solution for golf courses, and includes several revenue-generating components to increase the bottom line of any course.

GPS Industries develops global positioning location-based management systems. The company's unique and patented Informer system was designed to meet the needs of golfers, golf courses and golf course management companies worldwide. The Inforemer combines the latest in unique high-speed wireless technology, differential global positioning location-based services, Internet protocols, two-way messaging, media management and customer relationship management systems.