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Simple Secrets for Simple Golf - Golf instructor David Leadbetter, a teaching pro whose lessons have benefited Nick Faldo, Curtis Strange, Brad Faxon, and others on the PGA tour, provides a series of lessons in this video shot at his golf academy in Florida. The coaching on this tape is geared to amateur golfers, with Leadbetter frequently pointing out deficiencies he has noticed in amateurs' games. When tackling a specific problem, the lesson may turn out to be fairly involved, but Leadbetter provides commonsense tips for spotting faults. The lessons begin at the beginning, showing the proper way to address a long tee shot, and throughout the tape various aspects of the game, from fairway shots and bunker shots to chipping and putting, are covered. Leadbetter has a definite knack for getting to the root of an amateur's problems. He points out common flaws, such as when he notes that "many people never learn to aim the club properly," and he also provides tips on things that many golfers would never think about, such as the proper way to inhale and exhale during a swing. While this is an admirably no-nonsense tape, Leadbetter is an engaging and pleasant teacher, and his lessons, augmented by basic computer graphics, will be a benefit to anyone seeking to improve their game.

Tao of Golf - Golf Instructional Video - Here's what Tao of Golf will teach you in one 50-minute video: -The one, single, no-brainer drill that can erased your slice just a few minutes! -Learn the secret to getting more leverage on your swing. Instantly! -How to "work the ball." -A simple technique for increasing flexibilty and extension. -Eliminate distracting "swing thoughts" with visualization and proper breathing before a shot. -The most effective technique ever devised to completely identify, test and correct your posture problems forever! -An easy way to test your balance. -A technique for eliminating "hitting it fat" that is effective! -How to subconsciously coordinate your entire body to have an efficient, repeatable, powerful swing for a lifetime. -Practice your new, correct swing in as little space as an office cubicle or even the shower! -Eliminate the tension in your swing, giving you the lanky, whipping power of the pros. Finally, learn the one, single move that I've yet to see a golf pro point out to anybody, ever! I've watched nhundreds of lessons and seen even more "tips" in magazines and on TV shows. Not one has ever shown this single, necessary move. I've never seen it described, pointed out or illustarted once! But you need to do this if you want to hammer long, straight drives down the middle every time.