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Golf Resorts : Where to Play in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean - Golf resorts--it's a specialized niche for a savvy group that knows what it wants. What they want is golf, so the Nicols have devoted pages of attention to yardage and par, green fees, and special course features for hundreds of golf courses from Canada to Costa Rica. But there are other facets to consider as well, because the point here is to take a vacation, a golf vacation, where you get to luxuriate in your scenic vistas, eat your sumptuous meals, and play your 18 holes, too. From Casa De Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic to the Hound Ears Club in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, there are resorts for all sorts, with rustic lodges or posh hotels; full-scale gourmet pampering or low-key environments; all-golf, all-the-time atmospheres; or resorts that offer the works--tennis, fishing, sailing, or skiing--for the spouses who just aren't as intent on golf, perhaps, as you. The important thing is that all types of golf holidays are possible, and the Nicols have done the legwork so all you have to do is browse, choose, and make the reservations.

Golf Resorts of the World : The Best Places to Stay and Play : A Golf Magazine Book - 64 outstanding resorts in the U.S. and 32 in other parts of the world selected as the best for golf vacations. Each resort is carefully detailed and 402 magnificent full-color photographs show the courses, guestrooms and public areas. Includes directory listing and index. By Golf Magazine.