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101 Essential Tips on Golf - The basics and a bit more are at your fingertips with this handy guide. The volume contains more than 250 illustrations in full color, plus a wealth of authoritative text which more than adequately covers everything there is to know about golf.

Golf Tips Magazine - Golf Tips magazine is edited to provide instruction and tips to golfers of all levels. Its articles are written by teaching professionals who offer insight into the sport. Each issue features equipment guides, selection guides, instruction of new and old techniques and information on challenging courses.

Bobby Jones Golf Tips - This is vintage Bobby Jones, no one articulates like Jones, the peerless expert. He has the ability to write in such a way as to make you feel that particular aspect of the golf swing about which he is writing. It is the concept of the feel via Jones that enables one to produce a satisfying golf swing and improve one's golf scores.

Tiger's Tips: Beginner's Golf for Kids - From the author: "This book will help your child understand the basic fundamentals of playing the game as well as basic safety, etiquette and golf rules that are important in getting started in golf. We feel that it is important for a child to learn how to behave on the golf course and what is expected of them when they go out to play. As a PGA Golf Professional myself, I see the need to educate the new breed of young golfer to the entire concept of the game of golf. I myself have started golf clinics that use the book in the first 15-20 minutes of our class to sit down with the kids and explain safety, etiquette and some basic rules of how to play the game, before we start with the golf swing segment of our class. Parents seem to enjoy this part of the class as do the children who take the classes. The book is easy to read and has enough drawings and pictures of kids demonstrating key points in each chapter to hold their interest.This book will also explain how to get started in golf and how the different golf clubs work. There is a trouble shooting your swing section to help with most common faults of a swing as well as a section on most of the terms used in golf. A chapter on the golf swing (basic fundamentals) is followed by two chapters on safety, rules and etiquette. Information that your young or not so young golfer can use to help them on their way to playing the game. As a teacher of junior golf as well as a parent of a young golfer, we wrote this book to help your child enjoy their golf to the fullest without trying to complicate this great sport. Enjoy the time you get to spend with your children on the golf course, you will cherish those memories always.( They may be shooting lower scores than you sooner than you think) Thank you and I know you and your child will enjoy this book."