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Official Rules of Golf 2003-2004 - The rules of the game are as important to a golfer as the clubs in his bag and his reserve of balls. Fully updated, Official Rules of Golf covers all aspects of the game, including etiquette, how to decide ties, handicap allowances, and rules of amateur status.

The Pocket Guide Of Golf Rules - The Pocket Guide Of Golf Rules explains the Rules in plain language, provides helpful diagrams, and includes humorous illustrations to benefit golfers of all abilities.I enthusiastically recommend The Pocket Guide of Golf Rules because I know it will provide you with quick answers to your Rules questions and add to your enjoyment of the game of golf!

The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary - More than just a book, a practical guide, or a reference manual, The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary is as essential to the golfer as a putter and a good pair of spikes. This book is for anyone who ever wondered "what do I do in this situation"-in other words, anyone who has ever played the game. It is not surprising that the majority of golfers find the rules of golf difficult to learn; there are thirty-four rules and more than one hundred sections, one hundred subsections and two thousand explanatory decisions in the game of golf-hands-down the most complicated sport today. The Golf Rules Dictionary is not only for those who don't know a tee marker from a Texas Scramble, but for the seasoned enthusiast who realizes that a book in hand is worth at least two in the rough. No more quibbling over procedures and penalty strokes-with this book you will have the definitive answer right at your fingertips in mere moments. This unique and fully comprehensive book, with easy-to-find alphabetical listings, explains the complex rules of the sport in the most simple and practical of terms. Photos and illustrations accompany entries, and color-coded keys explain basic rules, penalties, and procedures for the actual problems golfers experience. Topics covered include: * Bunkers, water hazards, and other course elements * Official rulings on the line of play, preferred lie and replacing the ball * Understanding and using a standard scorecard * Determining and applying your handicap * Explanations of the most popular games. Ignorance of the rules and procedures will only impair your score, and threaten even the most amiable of course partnerships. A must-have for golfers of all ages and abilities, The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary ensures a complete understanding and enjoyment of the game-both on and off the course.