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Riggs-Heinrich Media, Inc., the parent company of Golf Connoisseur magazine, reports strong growth with its second issue.

"We are very pleased with the operating results of our second issue. Our advertising revenue grew 45% over our premiere issue. We had nearly a 70% sell-through rate at newsstand with the premiere issue, and the circulation has already grown to 270,000 copies, nearly 15% above our original rate base of 235,000," stated Chairman and CEO R. Chris Riggs. "We feel we have discovered a unique niche, providing a luxury lifestyle magazine catering to the affluent golfer. It is a magazine that you can spend time with, not one for getting a quick tip on fixing your golf swing or reading only a few paragraphs about a travel destination. We are very pleased with the response from both readers and advertisers," Riggs continued.

Exactly half of the total circulation is being delivered to the members of the top 600 private clubs in the United States including prestigious clubs such as Southern Hills Country Club, Riviera Country Club, and The Maidstone Club.

"Our members and guests are enjoying Golf Connoisseur. This is a great new publication for our industry," stated Michael Yamaki, President and Corporate Officer of Riviera Country Club.

"Golf Connoisseur is being very well received by my members both in New York and Florida. This is a magazine that this market has been waiting for, and they are doing a great job," stated Eden Foster, head pro, The Maidstone Club and Calusa Pines Golf Club.

The remainder of the circulation includes distribution through every Barnes & Noble bookstore, as well as placement in select private jet fleets including NetJets, FlexJet, and Flight Options; the worldwide VIP lounges of Delta, United, Continental, Northwest, US Airways, British Airways, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, and other airlines; the executive suites of more than 500 high-end hotels, casinos, resorts, and spas including those operated by Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Shangri-La Hotels, Venetian, Bellagio; and more than 60,000 copies to high net-worth individuals across the U.S. and nine other countries.

"Our early success is thanks to the team behind Golf Connoisseur, with publishing experience from more than 70 luxury and sports titles," stated Riggs.

Golf Connoisseur is a golf, luxury, and lifestyle magazine created for a unique audience of discerning readers who have the means, intelligence, and motivation to savor the finer things in life both on and off the course. The magazine is currently available at Barnes & Noble bookstores or by subscription. Golf Connoisseur is published quarterly by Riggs-Heinrich Media based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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