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The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes - The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes succeeds in hitting precisely the two targets any book purporting to present golf's greatest anything must aim for: it'll have golfers both arguing with and dreaming about its contents. Simultaneously. This is an altogether magnificent volume, big in size, big in contents, visually rich, and thoroughly engaging. Peper's opening essay explains how he and his editors identified the ultimate one-tenth of 1 percent of the 500,000 or so holes on the planet, and explores the question of what exactly makes a great golf hole. Challenge and difficulty, certainly, but also beauty, fairness, reputation, history, and the way it begins to eat into a golfer's mind as he or she takes it in from the tee box. It's all in the mix. Then the fun really starts, with a comprehensive look at the best 18--the 15th at Cypress Point (but not the more terrifying 16th), the 18th at Pebble, the 16th at Merion, the 17th at St. Andrews, the 6th at Royal Melbourne, and the 13th at Augusta among them--complete with lush photography and an artist's depiction of each. The next 100 are then rolled out in somewhat less depth, with the remainder of the 500 receiving a thumbnail sketch and photo, along with either appreciation or curses from golfers everywhere. And then a different kind of fun starts. The last section of the volume is devoted to lists: the most scenic holes, the most difficult, the most strategic, most penal, best ocean, best mountain, best American, best European, best links, best Ross, best Tillinghast, the holes that have produced historic moments.

Golf Courses of Hawaii - A list of favorite golf spots will always have Hawaii at or near the top. With its spectacular ocean and mountain vistas, fairways running through lava fields or pockets of fragrant hibiscus, and balmy weather nearly every day of the year, what more conducive atmosphere could a golfer imagine? Renowned golf course photographer Evan Schiller contributes 100 color photos, adding to Tom Haynes’s informative and entertaining text.

Hallowed Ground : Golf's Greatest Places - Top golf landscape artist and top golf writer combine talents to produce a glorious visual book about the places we worship in the game of golf. Here are the green "cathedrals," sublime arenas of the sport, courses where giants have walked and stars have been born. Hallowed Ground is divided into three sections: "U.S. Championship Courses," "The Beautiful Golf" (the eight courses of the British Rotation), and in a stunning section of its own, "The Augusta National Golf Club." Renowned golf writer Jaime Diaz brings to this book his encyclopedic knowledge of the sport, the courses and the players, with wit and wisdom. Combined with Linda Hartough's lush and meticulously researched landscapes, Hallowed Ground is the most unique golf book published in years.

Fairways : America's Greatest Golf Resorts - Never before has a book so lavishly captured the pinnacle of American golf travel: the luxurious resorts that cater to golfers and non-golfers alike. The one hundred crème de la crème of golf resorts, selected by a detailed surveying of the country's leading golf travel experts, are featured in the pages of Fairways. From the rugged exclusivity of Pebble Beach to the time-honored greens of Pinehurst to the cutting-edge elegance of Hawaii, Fairways whisks readers to the courses and resort grounds through gorgeous, full-color photography, enticing travel essays, and helpful information boxes. Each resort receives a rating summary, based on a five-star system, of the Challenge of the course or courses, the Beauty of the course and resort grounds, plus the Lodging, Cuisine, and Amenities offered by the resort. Fairways also contains informative Golfing boxes that offer the information every golfer needs to know: architects, tour stops, turf, par, yardage, rating, and slope. But what Fairways also provides are Experiencing boxes that highlight the splendid non-golf activities that abound at each of these exceptional resorts. Spa treatments, menu highlights, and enrichment programs are included because golf is not foremost in the mind of every resort traveler. Although Fairways is the perfect resource for planning a golf vacation, it also highlights all the wonderful luxuries that a resort vacation offers. Fairways belongs in the library of every avid golfer, but it will be a delightful read for anyone with a taste for elegance and relaxation.