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A Spirit of Golf : Stories from Those Who Love the Game - PGA Endorsed! Dozens of stories, including those by Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw, plus celebrity golfers such as Clint Eastwood, Bill Gates and Dan Marino! Heart-warming, humorous, inspirational and, most of all, true stories from the world of golf. Whether they involve celebrities or the kid down the street, this PGA endorsed book will captivate the golfer inside everyone. A Spirit of Golf presents golf stories featuring the more than 26,000 members of the PGA, the largest sports organization in the world. In it, readers will share the reminisces of such golfers as Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw, as well as stories of celebrity golfers such as Clint Eastwood, Dan Marino, Tom Clancy and Michael Jordan. There are stories about Ben Hogan sharing his theory on practice and PGA members volunteering their time for the Special Olympics and others teaching those golfers with disabilities. In fact, the PGA of America and the author, John M. Capozzi, will donate 100% of all royalties from the book to educational scholarship programs for children at-risk.

The Fundamentals of Hogan - For golfers, they are like finding a piece of the true cross; there has never been a more perfect swing than Bantam Ben's. If some of the pictures in Fundamentals are just explanatory poses--Hogan gripping the club, Hogan standing at address--and the majority of the swing sequences are actually not true sequences at all but, given the technology of the time, individually posed photos at appropriate intervals of the swing, no matter. They convey what they need to, providing a closer glimpse of the master's mastery.

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book : Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf - Before titanium drivers, before oversized heads and bubble shafts, before electronic systems to tell you how far you are from the pin, golf was much the same game it is today. The lessons Harvey Penick taught in the pre-gadget days still stand. The golf swing is basically the same, and Penick could teach it better than anybody. For most of his life, he never intended to publish his Little Red Book, a notebook of golf wisdom and anecdotes that he compiled with the idea that he'd pass it on to his son. But, for the sake of history, it's a good thing that he changed his mind. Contained in its 175 pages is just about all you need to know about golf from a technical standpoint, along with Penick's priceless memories of working with famous pros, teaching absolute nobodies to get the ball in the air, and finding a horde of bat guano and hauling it across town in a pickup truck to fertilize his golf course. This book makes you feel good about playing golf, that you're part of something steeped in ritual and mystery and tradition, and that the game was played perfectly well before perimeter-weighted, graphite-shafted irons came along