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Strata Golf BallsStrata Tour Ultimate Golf Balls (12-pk.) - Whether you're a tournament player or a weekend duffer, getting to the green has never been easier. These improved Strata Tour Ultimate golf balls have a Tungsten Energy Core that provides a superior combination of distance and control. The weight of the ball is concentrated in the center to allow for greater energy transfer from the club to the ball, which provides a higher launch angle for more distance and spin. Also features a shear resistant ultra-soft Zynthane II cover for superior spin, a high acid mantle for superior distance and a soft outer core for superior feel. 12-pk. Imported.

Golf Ball HandbookStrictly Golf Balls - Golf Ball Handbook - Most of the 25 million golfers today don't have a clue why they use the golf ball they do. Yet they spend millions each year on balls. Now golfers will have a reason to buy what they buy. StrictlyGolf Balls, The Golf Ball Handbook. This book contains exclusive information on golf balls and drivers. A comprehhensive source for current golf ball information including: Evolution of the ball, Manufacturing Characteristics, Dimple Geometry, Compression, and Aerodynamics.A comparative study of current balls in four performance groups: Distance / Durability, Distance / Durability / Feel, Distance / Durability / Feel / Spin, Balata Balls. It also includes independent test results allowing you to determine which ball fits your style of play. Tests were performed at 80mph, 90mph, 100mph swing speeds using a robotic hitting machine. Tests reveal: Total Carry, Total Distance,Carry Dispersion, Total Dispersion, Launch Angle, Flight Trajectory, Ball Velocity, and more. There is also a bonus section on drivers with independent test results.

500 Years of Golf Balls : History & Collector's Guide - Rules and regulations, valuing, grading, pricing golf balls, the history from St. Andrews, ingenuity at Akron, the ball that was born in a barn, sophisticated in an Icehouse.

Golf Ball BookGolf Ball Book - Every golfer who has ever teed up a golf ball on the first tee of any golf course at any time will enjoy owning this book. Guaranteed. It is a book tracing the evolution of the golf ball back to the feather ball and theories on what came before. You’ll learn about the gutta percha period, the rubber core balls, how and by who mmaterials were discovered, quirky offerings such as the Radio ball, the different cover materials of the modern ball and the latest innovations for the 21st century. To help establish the time of these events, we’ve included anecdotes about the people who invented the balls and the competitors who used them, plus a timeline of golf ball milestones, along with the rules of golf -- those that concern the golf ball directly. Along with the text there are approximately 165 photographs--most quite large--of some very rare golf balls, images of early ball packaging, plus early golf tees, etc., from the wonderful collection of David Berkowitz, the private collections of Dr. Gary Wiren and Udo Machat, the designer and publisher of this book. The text was written by Larry Dennis, a national award winning writer and editor with a long and noteworthy career in golf and sports journalism. For more than 13 years he was a Senior Editor for Golf Digest. Then, for almost six years he was the Editor-in-Chief of Senior Golfer. Dennis has written 18 books on golf, including Golf’s Magnificent Challenge with legendary architect Robert Trent Jones, winner of the USGA’s International Book of the Year Award in 1989, and How to Become a Complete Golfer with Bob Toski and Jim Flick, the third-best-selling golf instruction book in history. His book with Byron Nelson was a first-year selection in the Classics of Golf series. We think that the golf ball has been overlooked far too long as the subject of a book. We know that this will shed some light on this worthwhile topic.