Yenra : GPS : Location Messaging : Unit and platform for mobile resource management connects with an expanded array of external devices and sensors


TechnoCom's LMU-4000 smart GPS location and messaging device and platform for mobile asset management adds versatility to a line of LMU solutions that deployed in over 50,000 vehicles.

LMUs support a diverse array of workforce and fleet management applications for government, transportation, field service, logistics, and utilities. The unit provides the flexibility to connect with an expanded array of external devices and sensors.

Synovia is the first customer to receive the new LMU-4000. "We use the expanded capability of the LMU-4000 to enable information about the passengers and the buses, including identifying through RFID cards," said Richard Gallagher of Synovia.

Embedded in the unit is an on-board alert engine that provides businesses with the capability to generate advanced exception alerts by using hundreds of combinations of variables including vehicular inputs, location, speed, and distance. Reporting thresholds are set to optimize resource management goals, including the monitoring of unauthorized activities and geo-location status. The flexibility allows the LMU to be easily reprogrammed over-the-air as business needs change.

TechnoCom (now LocationSmart) provides solutions to enable wireless location services.