Yenra : California Recall : Georgy Russell California Recall Candidate : Democratic gubernatorial candidate Georgy Russell leads in online poll

Georgy Russell - by Ruchir Tewari

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Georgy Russell today claimed the lead in a key online poll of candidates in the October 7th recall election. Georgy has earned nearly 27% of the vote in the poll that promotes instant runoff voting. Her nearest competitor, Green Party candidate Peter Camejo, claims about 18% while Arnold Schwarzenegger earns only 10%.

"I'm encouraged by these numbers," Russell said. "They prove what I've known all along. People will respond when they see a candidate talking about the issues. We don't need a career politician, a multi-millionaire or a movie actor running our state. The people of California deserve better."

Russell noted that she has received encouragement from voters in all political parties across the state for her insurgent campaign.

"People are hungry for a new voice," Russell said. "They're tired of the same old politics that has produced the poor leadership of Gray and Cruz. This poll shows that voters are taking our campaign seriously. We're a grassroots campaign filled with regular people who want a change for the better in California."

Russell cited her extensive platform and pointed to the specific information contained on her website to back up her claim that she was the only major candidate taking a serious stand on a wide range of issues.

"I've developed a complete platform and agenda for California's future," Russell said. "Cruz is running on name recognition. Other candidates are running on star power generated from acting careers. Some are running campaigns the media is calling legitimate simply because they have multi-million dollar bank accounts. But I'm running on the issues that matter to regular Californians. That's why I'm confident I'll be the next Governor of the great state of California."