Yenra : Software : Screensaver Software Program : New Screensaver Technology Allows Automatic Updates Via Internet/Intranet

A screensaver created with Internet ScreenSaver Builder by XemiComputers periodically checks its web location on the internet/intranet and downloads changes in the background.

XemiComputers has released Internet ScreenSaver Builder, Windows program for making screensavers with built-in technology that allows automatic updates via internet/intranet. System is designed to serve wide range of purposes, from distributing corporate information and creating branding campaigns to developing personal screensavers.

Internet screensaver project starts as a standard development job -- with images, text, media and flash files put together in transitions, movements, letter-by-letter text and other effects using wizard and script language. Final product is then published to the web server on the internet/intranet.

Screensaver's web location holds all its component files and if something is changed there screensaver will automatically update itself. There is an equal opportunity to update only some of screensaver components, to have dynamically generated text messages or to change everything and present completely new screensaver to the audience.

Internet ScreenSaver Builder comes with built-in FTP client for uploading project files and supports HTTP authentication for making internet screensavers protected with username and password. Program also makes ordinary screensavers without internet update and offers stand alone screensaver installer files.