Yenra : Marketing : Kermit Represents Ford : Kermit the Frog presents family with fuel efficient Ford Escape Hybrid SUV on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Kermit the Frog with Ford Escape Hybrid

Kermit the Frog will fill in for Team Leader Ty Pennington on the April 9th episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition at 8 pm EDT on ABC.

Kermit the Frog guest stars as the project team leader. Kermit charms his way into the hearts of the design team and graciously works side-by-side with other volunteers to creative a more comfortable and enjoyable home for the family of a high school sports coach who will receive a renovated home in seven days.

Kermit presents the family with a brand new Ford Escape Hybrid. Fuel economy is very important to the family because money is tight. The Escape Hybrid can travel up to five hundred miles in city driving on a single tank of gas. It uses no fuel when stopped in traffic or driving at low speeds by running in pure electric mode. The hybrid SUV gets thirty-six miles per gallon.

Kermit debuted as the official spokesfrog for the Ford Escape Hybrid during the Super Bowl.