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For the first time companies are able to easily keep control of font software to help save money, reduce support issues and maintain corporate identity. Font technology developer Agfa Monotype Ltd. has launched Fontwise from Monotype, a service for auditing, managing and purchasing font licenses.

John McCallum, managing director of Agfa Monotype Ltd. said, "A year ago we surveyed our customers in the UK. Forty-seven percent of those asked found it difficult to keep track of fonts. I am proud that our new service, Fontwise from Monotype, is leading the way with a solution to the complex and time consuming task of managing font licenses. This blends the strengths of Agfa technology with the service excellence synonymous with the Monotype brand."

Fontwise from Monotype comprises client-server font discovery software, a license reconciliation service and online font database creation and management. The Fontwise client-server software scans the network at intervals determined by the user and reports on all font files found. This information can be added to the company software inventory or used as the starting point for a full font audit. When the user has determined which fonts to keep, the Fontwise software can be used to delete all unwanted fonts. The user provides font licenses for all wanted fonts to Agfa Monotype who reconciles this record with the list of files found. Any gaps in licensing can then be advised and updated directly with Agfa Monotype or the relevant font supplier or publisher.

Ken Davis, IT director at Five, one of the first users of Fontwise, gave his perspective on font auditing: "Fonts are a specialized area. They are very difficult to audit and manage without the help of specialist software. Fontwise gave us a much better handle on our fonts and we were able to delete a number of fonts which were not required or used. We now have an ongoing program of font control and usage monitoring and have found the service excellent."

For ongoing maintenance, an online company font database can be created. Users can refer to the database to view available fonts and check their licensing position. For instance, if the company has purchased 10 licenses and only one is in use, the user can see there is no need to purchase a new license. This has proven to reduce costs while avoiding the risk of using unlicensed fonts.